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“One Action: to women’s dreams and ambitions” a book by women, for women!

“One Action: to women’s dreams and ambitions

The lean in India network which is a women self help network where one women helps another women to fight their issues has come together to celebrate the new book “ One action : towards women’s dreams and ambitions through which there network can reach to more and more women across India. The lean India network is co-founded by Sanya Khurana, who is an author and a recipient of grace hopper celebration India scholarship. They wish to reach to the entire India with the book and they want lean in India network to form in all the metro cities.

Ridhima Behal Bharara, 35 – ( member of the lean in India network) says, “The concept of Lean In aligns with my purpose and goals. I deeply agree to what Sheryl Sandberg writes in her book ‘Lean In’ about how girls think about marriage before they settle down. It is true as I quit my job with Google to get married.

I have been associated with Lean In India from two years. The book extends further into creating small groups of women called Lean In circles. Today I run my own Lean In Punjab circle which has given me a chance to bring the concept of Lean In to my part of the world and work on the mindset of the people. It has been a very enriching and fulfilling experience of my life.”

One Action : Towards women’s dreams and ambitions talks about several issues and real life problems that women goes through in their lifetime and the book also talks about the practical solutions to those problems and issues as the book is based on the lean in India network in which women have been helping each other from the longest time.

Any women who are going through such issues and need help can contact the lean in India network and can be a part of this group which has now 3396 members and it’s operating in 86 lean in India circles.

Vijay Narula

Vijay is an entropic traveller who keeps himself abreast with the developments in every nook and cranny of the world. He is a treasure trove of information about unexplored destinations and happenings in various parts of the world. He is a connoisseur of fashion and trends and keeps a tab on practically all the leading designers and fashion houses of the world. Styling for fashion shoots and magazines remains his forte. He has vast experience in fashion shoots and events and exceptional grasp over the language and has written extensively on fashion, travel and style trends etc. He makes an immensely valuable contribution to High On Persona

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