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Peep into the lifestyle of Latin Dancer, Can Muhammed Karagoz, exclusively with us

Peep into the lifestyle of Latin Dancer, Can Mohammad Karagoz, exclusively with us

Can Muhammed Karagoz has been an internationally trending performer and has a phenomenal following across the globe. He’s been an experimental performer throughout his career and his passion is palpable in each of his moves. Karagoz has blended passion and magic in his performances. He has been an outstanding ambassador of Latin American dance forms. Latin American dance styles which include Salsa, Lambada, et al are steeped in unbridled passion and evocative expressions. Karagoz excels in bringing forth these aspects in all his performances.

Q1: Which is your most preferred form?
Karagoz: My most preferred form is to be in a shape that I don’t lose my flexibility.
Q2: What is your fitness Regime?
Karagoz: Fitness is definitely a big part of my life and it’s always been, I have a degree in physical education and sports. My fitness regime is constantly changing depending on the project that I’m getting ready for fitness for a particular fashion show or dance performance or competition.
Q3: Who has been your inspiration throughout?
Karagoz: I’m very self-motivated, always finding ways to inspire myself to get better at whatever I do.
Q4: When did you get your first big break and what was it like?
Karagoz: I don’t really have big breaks and don’t really like breaks, I’m always on the go.
Q5: Dance is not only a way of art or a form to express one’s feeling. It has become more commercialized now? How do you feel about it?
Karagoz: Definitely, and I think it’s great to see dancing getting bigger and bigger.
Q6: Which is that one stage/auditorium, where you would love to perform last dance of your life?
Karagoz: I would love to perform in Madison Square Garden.
Q7: What is the future of Wedding Dance choreographies?
Karagoz: I love working with wedding couples especially the ones are not afraid to get creative. I think when it’s come to choreography there shouldn’t be any limit to it.
Read more about him at his website: http://www.dancingwithkaragoz.com and his Instagram: instagram.com/canmkaragoz

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