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From Behind the TV screen to a full time Anchor: Journey of Anchor Girish Sharma

From Behind the TV screen to a full time Anchor: Journey of Anchor Girish Sharma

“Thoda Shhor toh Machhaiye” These lines of Girish are enough for the crowd to rev up a frenzy!. Anchor Girish Sharma has an experience of 7 years worldwide, resulting in a choc a block full year, his huge fan following is ever craving for his popular character roles at events. ‘Anchor Girish’, the name that has made is definitely the number one choice not only in Mumbai but also worldwide. His anchoring skills are so damn good that that his presence is felt in every show happening in and around Mumbai. So we had a tete-e-tete with him about his journey, career, success etc. Read it here exclusively on High On Persona!

Q.1 How did you came in the field of anchoring and later an Emcee?
I was a talkative brat, since my childhood. I loved connecting, knowing, observing and talking to different people. Later on, I thought let’s turn the quality of talking and connecting into a living (laughed). I did my first live show in 2011. The very first show was a promotional event for a small mall in the Western Suburb.

Q2. How was your career front before live shows anchoring?

Before live shows, I was working with entertainment channels like ZoomTv and E24. For Zoom Tv, I worked as a producer, It gave me an opportunity to be in front of the camera for special shoots. My favourite includes ‘Zoom ki guthhi’ with Sunil Grover amongst all of them.

Q3. As an Anchor, What has been your best experience till date?

Once, I was performing in Delhi and suddenly the mic got turned off. The event had the crowd of more than 5000 people. I quickly analysed that if we delay the show with the technical knitty-gritties, it might become a disaster. I did not wait for the organisers to fix the issue with the mic as there was not much of time available, as a result I started talking to the crowd with the mic. Everyone became so happy and gave my spirit a standing ovation. It was one of the most memorable moment of my anchoring career.

Anchor Girish Sharma has also performed at international platforms such as Kuwait, Istanbul, Cyprus, Antalya, Cappadocia & more.
Q4. Who has been your inspiration throughout?
Honestly, I am a small town boy. Like other small town boys, I have too faced the laughs of People for my big dreams, especially the people I used to call my ‘close friends’ made fun of my career choice & profession initially. I was really hurt by all of this and it galvanised me to work even harder. In context of celebrities, Ellen Degeneres is the one, I draw my inspiration from.

Q5. Who has been your major support system in this journey?
I was in class 10th, when I lost my father. My brother Chetan Sharma, after the demise of my father has proved to be a major support for me. He has always backed my unconventional career choice and encouraged me. He is been a constant in all the ups and downs of my life.

Q6. Not only as an anchor, but you have also become popular with the characters that you play on stage. What is your take on that?
Yes, I love playing characters similar to Dr. Mashoor Gulati & Guthhi at the events. I get a lot of appreciation for my characters. People get involved and start relating with my characters. They also ask for selfies with me and it really feels great. I am planning to come up with more characters in future.

Anchor Girish Sharma is also known for sharing the stage with famous B-Town celebrities like Govinda, Prachi Desai, Kanika Kapoor, Boman Irani, Mahima Chaudhary & many more.
Q7. Your social media following for your character ‘Pagal Ladka’ is something you can boast about. Pls comment on that as well.
Social media is really a great medium I guess, especially for the emerging artists. I just made and posted one video & to my joy, the video more than one lakh views, I still dont know how. I then was approached by newspapers, media & people started recognising me at airports as ‘Paagal Ladka’. So now I am planning to make more videos for the joy and passion but not for money. Maybe, by the next time we meet, ‘Paagal Ladka’ will be more popular than ‘Anchor Girish’ (laughed).

Q8. Lastly, what would you like to wish to upcoming anchors and Emcees?

They should feel good and lucky as they are going to spread joy and happiness.
‘Be Yourself’ or Dont pretend to be anybody else in this profession. You will definitely get your due appreciation, if not today, then tomorrow for sure.
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