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Power couple who wrote their success story in words of silver – Shishir & Purnima Goyal


Aspirations to look flawlessly impeccable and score high on wellness quotient is no more confined to megalopolis, it has trickled down to tier one and tier two cities as well. Awareness level regarding physical and mental well being has touched newer heights. Aspirants are thronging the beauty spas and wellness salons like never before, thus burgeoning trend has proved to be a golden opportunity for the spa and wellness sector. As far as business is concerned the sky is the limit.

Silverine spa and salon in true sense endorse and underscores the contemporary trend, Shishir and Purnima Goyal, Entrepreneur couple within a short stint have underscored the zeitgeist of the time in no uncertain terms. Beauty and wellness hub situated in heart of the pink city has made an indelible mark of excellence in a very short span of time. Entrepreneur Purnima Goyal made a foray in the wellness market followed by great success. Shishir Goyal, her husband who has been a driving force and motivating factor in business initiatives belongs to a family of jewelers and is well adept in business intricacies. For Goyal Family business of jewelry was already established which they leveraged to promote the beauty and wellness business in order to provide the clientele with wider options to attain wellness and beauty as they flaunt exquisite jewelry under the same roof.
So the marriage and amalgamation of beauty and wellness venture with the business of Jewellery have given a major impetus to the bottom line. “As we create stunning looks that are sparkling and bright, offer masterpieces made in silver, the theme of Silverine spa & salon portrays synchronicity between silver and white’’, informs Shishir Goyal.

Shishir and Purnima Goyal launched Silverine in 2015 in technical collaboration and as a franchisee partner for Cleopatra, Chandigarh based salon and spa chain. Silverine spa and salon is spread across luxury of massive 4000 sq ft area and provides amenities ranging from spa, wellness and salon “Ours is a 4,000 sq. ft center. “We technically collaborate with Cleopatra that has around 20 centers, primarily in North India,” quoted as saying.
There is interesting anecdote regarding the genesis of Silverine, “ people in the know had practically written off the mall where Silverine opened its outlet, many opined that this was drastically and fundamentally wrong decision to start a salon in a dead mall where footfall few and far between. But we changed this negative perception on its head through a year-long marketing and promotion campaign and metamorphosed the mall into most hip and happening joint in Jaipur”, informed Purnima Goyal. The credit for all this goes to Silverine and only Silverine. Word of mouth, as well as the quality of work, spread so far and wide so fast that Silverine has become the last word in the field of spa and salon in Jaipur and amazingly the spa is adding 50 new clients every day and whoever is anybody in Jaipur makes it a point to visit the spa at some point or the other.

We offer rates that don’t create a deep hole in the pocket of our esteemed clients and they feel cherished after getting value for money, for example, cost of our haircut is 200 rs, straight 50 percent less than what other contemporaries are charging, added Shishir Goyal.

Despite being a non-metro salon and spa brand, Silverine has managed to come with its own uniqueness. “ Silverine has adapted itself very well with uniqueness imbibed in its approach towards the interior of the spa, its approach differs radically from that of its urban centers. For example, the pedicure basins are made with a semi-precious stone that glows from inside, smiles Shishir Goyal while informing.
As a next step to reach out to travelers Silverine is contemplating to collaborate with three-star hotel properties in Jaipur. ” Five star or seven-star properties already has luxury wellness and spa centers and three-star properties serve our purpose better and we can offer our services at reasonable pricing which could be a win-win proposition for Silvering and collaborating hotel.


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