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Read the success story of B&J from Jivan Mizuri himself.

Read the success story of B&J from Jivan Mizuri himself.

Jivan Mizuri an international trader, entrepreneur, and business doer along with other roles attached to his names such as debater, motivator, and speaker. The man behind B&J Cooperation. B&J is trading with various regions like South America, Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, Africa as well as the Middle East. They have been importing and exporting different types of textile and leather products to the regions like these of the world and have been growing ever since.
So we had a detailed conversation with Jivan Mizuri about his business!
Q. So Jivan is the owner of two big companies at present One is “B&J cooperation” which was Founded in February 2015. It’s a trading company already performing in Istanbul/Dubai/London and Erbil with up to 40 employees. Fields in which B&J perform is Oil and Gas construction and also Financial services like funding logistics services, exporting and importing. Other is “Rolsen company” which is an investment company performing in Erbil and Dubai. It is Currently a joint venture with B&J and Jivan is into building one of the most luxurious projects located in Erbil Kurdistan region under the name of Rolsen Mall which will come to service on 2021.
Q. We asked Jivan that what made him come into business?
He replied, “As the youngest child in the family I get motivated by the hard work of my father then I promise to myself, I should enter some kind of businesses and tell my father you stop and enjoy life leave the rest to me. And with Gods help, I started and risked it all hitting all the possibilities entering all the ways after being broke and suffered a lot…I finally made it, and now I own one of the most profitable companies and organization in the region with the age of 27 that’s my biggest achievement both mentally and economically.”
Q. We asked Jivan that what makes his company different from others.
He smiled and answered, “Specialties that we think may differ us from others in this field is this all of this came from a young boy at the age of 17 started at the very young age who already could speak four languages well-versed in both Bible and Quran Karim holy books from the religion of Islam and Christianity. On the span of 10 years, we have a net profit of $120 million, and it’s nothing but a starting point for us especially at the age of 27 years old only. With the support of our clients, we aim to hit and provide more services.”
Q. We took thoughts of Jivan on “What is Client(Customer) according to you?
He said, “Without the clients that are not satisfied the company or the service provider is literally zero, period. The client is always the heart of any business you do, and we need to pump blood, and we should be accurate and clean, to satisfy it, to perform well.” Apart from this Jivan is a religious person he loves to read religious books especially Quran Karim And Bible. He says ..”I am in love with God.” Jivan’s future plans are helping his country (Kurdistan) to rise and rebuild. Also to keep on going and expand his business and services to the remaining key places of the world as they are currently perfuming in London and Dubai as our key bases. Apart from this, Jivan is planning to expand his business to India also as he is looking forward to India as a big trading hub and will soon establish his business in Indian cities.

Q. Jivan’s Message for other entrepreneurs?
“I personally believe in the promises of God that’s what all I need at that time to start. And then I started I take all the risks… I got punches from every angle of the business. But I didn’t get back I knew it would happen I knew the end of this story is a success because this is what God guarantee to us. My message from my colleagues is just risking it all nothing will go to waste you have to believe it from the bottom of your heart if it comes from inside then it’s a power that nothing can overtake it will hit and destroy all the negativity and all the fears. It’s not about things you see it’s about things you don’t see, control them! If you can control things from inside, then start, and I will guarantee you will succeed.
His business endeavors aren’t just a job for him. They are his life. He lives and breathes through them all 365 days. He’s always the first one to come to the office and the last to leave.
Connect with Jivan, here.

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