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Meet Prafful Meghwanshi A Young Influential Male Model from Rajasthan

Meet Prafful Meghwanshi A Young Influential Male Model from Rajasthan

Male models generally don’t get that status which female model gets in modelling but still they get recognised worldwide in magazines, and top newspaper’s company adds.

Many big brands launch top male models and bring them in the spotlight. Modelling is not easy as it looks, you have to give up many things in life to become successful model, sometimes you become robot due to hectic workload and fix diet nothing new in life even after getting the fame you don’t get that feeling which you want.

Talking about modelling, we came up with one new model who is buzzing at every place with his presence called “Prafful Meghwanshi” from the city of lakes, Udaipur, Rajasthan. Prafful is becoming the modern answer to a word called “Handsome”.

Prafful Meghwanshi was part of Frankfinn Institute of modelling and acting. He has been part of many shows in recent times, and he is a making his name count in significant events in just two years, and slowly, he is becoming the first choice as a show stopper in fashion shows which is an achievement.

Prafful completed his civil engineering from Jaipur. And join modelling as his career. Till now Prafful has won many shows in Rajasthan and other places, and he has also been part of many top fashion shows in Delhi. He was part of men’s fashion show in Delhi which was directed by Liza Verma.

Way Prafful is maintaining himself is fabulous, and it’s not easy to keep yourself fit 365 days it takes a lot of time and dedication to remain in right physique to become the face of top magazines or brands and Prafful is doing right in that case he is maintaining himself fabulously and growing in the right direction.
Prafful is known for his sharp mind, which is like the cherry on cake face with a sharp mind is not such a common thing in models. It can take him at more prominent platforms shortly.

Divya Khanna

Divya Khanna is the youngest member of the team, with a background in political science. She has joined High on persona print magazine in order to gain hands-on experience in various aspects of editorial coordination as associate editor of the magazine and news site. She has a penchant for writing and enjoys meeting new people and interviewing celebrities. She has a passion for writing, she has an eye for details, loves traveling and a quick learner.

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