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On Path of success of Digital Marketing – Shivya Mishra


At 23, Shivya Mishra is heading her own digital marketing brand that provides consultancy and expert services in the arena of digital marketing. She is young, smart, confident and a genius with cutting edge digital ideas. Today she remains the voice of many brands and mentors many aspiring professionals. Her clients vouch for her work, creativity, and dedication as she walks up the ladder of success. While studying in DAV public school with science stream she remained a mediocre student and her choice of career path raised eyebrows at home as the world of digital media is all about possessing sharp skills with a lot of brainstorming and making strategies. However, today she is working her way to the top to achieve her goals. She remains an inspiration for many aspiring professionals who don’t have a strong financial support system. She is helping small level companies and entrepreneurs to develop effective digital marketing strategies. She shared her moments of struggle and glory with HIGH ON PERSONA.

How did you get into Digital Marketing?

Since my school days, I was passionate about the internet and creating hype with social media, driven by the interest and passion I thought of attaining a professional degree and here I am today grooming others to be established.

What is the future of Digital Marketing?

For a startup to an established company digital marketing is the key to success and it is actually the future. Digital marketing is an emerging and dynamic industry and the future of any company or brand completely depends on how effectively your digital marketing or digital strategy work.

What is the rate of success in your industry?

Like any other industry, the world of digital marketing is laden with challenges and scope of failure. There are key challenges that our industry also faces. The industry is still evolving, it been a challenging journey for me as well as industry is full of talent and competition hence the rate of failure is higher.

Q What are the most required skills for your profession?

I strongly have felt that possessing good communication skills is an integral part of any profession. You have to be strong and convincing in your words when are marketing a brand or yourself. I am happy that I am blessed with good communication skills and complete knowledge of my subject is like icing on the cake. I have learned the German language too which I guess has helped me reach international clients as well.

Do you still feel the need to work on your skills that are needed in your field?

Well, I think our journey of life is all about learning and evolving. I believe in keeping myself abreast with most advanced updates in my field and work perfecting my own marketing skills. I want to be the best version of myself.

What advice or tips you would like to give to aspiring professionals and internet entrepreneurs?

Getting exposure and experience is very important, those who are aspiring should start early and they should start working on creating a self online brand and develop that as a project, they can make use of taking help of social media apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. 

 Q – What inspires you in life

I am ardent traveler and love photography, scenic beauty of different destinations I explore and capture while traveling really inspire me.

One advice you would like to give to individuals for avoiding failures?

Don’t let failures be a hindrance in chasing your dreams, keep putting efforts that are smart and calculative and are in the right direction, remain consistent and success will be easily yours.

Who has been a major source of Inspiration in your life?

It has always been my mother.