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Direct and Exclusive with the brain behind KacyWorld, Komal Mittal

Direct and Exclusive with the brain behind KacyWorld, Komal Mital

When we think of online Jewellery Shopping, KacyWorld is defiitely one of the name that pops up in our mind. But have you ever wondered, who is the genius behind KacyWorld. Meet Komal Mital, who with her keen interest in general designing and great knowledge of Digital Marketing has curated this journey. Read High on Persona’s exclusive interview with Komal Mittal, Founder, KacyWorld. 

Q1. How did the idea of KacyWorld come into being?  

There are two clear factors influencing me to start my venture, first one is my dream to become a successful woman and doing a non-conservative thing and the second one would be the conservative thinking of the society which i live in. They drove me crazy to do nothing but prove them wrong that women can do much more than just being a house maker. 

Q2. We know that you have knowledge of digital marketing, so when did you decide to mix your knowledge and interest of Jewellery together? 

I always had this crush on every unique piece of jewellery I saw. When i first made up my mind to start a business, the first thing that came to my mind is jewellery , the knowledge of marketing came around as a need for my company and now i have managed to learn enough to run my company single handedly. 

Q3. Who was your inspiration when you started KacyWorld? 

I was the only inspiration to myself, my dream of being a successful business person motivated me each and every time when i went up for work. 

I can’t remember of any particular person to whom i was looking up to. I feel one must get inspired by thoughts not the person. 

Q4. What was your life like before Kacy world? What were your alternative career options? 

Honestly, life was quite easy before i started KacyWorld , as i started my business just after my graduation .  

I would definitely have been working as a software engineer if not pursuing my dream of being an entrepreneur. 

Q5. Running an e-commerce business is difficult, especially when it comes to deliveries, returns and refunds. How do you keep a check on that? 

Yes, running an ecommerce is very difficult, especially in India, because unfortunately people in India are always looking for COD options, not for an ease of payment but for the sake of being secure enough to deny the package anytime. 

That kind of loss we face every day, but we have managed to cope with it, by trying to reduce our delivery costs, also we provide extra 5% off to pre-paid orders in order to fetch some mutual trust between customer and us. We also have dedicated softwares to maintain all the data for the activities related to orders. 

Q6. How much health freak are you as a person? 

To be very honest, health has not played such a big role in my life till now, I have been quite a lazy person in that genre but quite recently I have started to work out and look after my health as a bad routine was affecting my work caliber too. 

Q7. What is your go-to jewellery suggestions for a normal working day? 

I think accessories, especially jewellery can take any outfit from boring to glam, in a normal working day I must say, my go to jewellery is loading my hand with 4-5 different bracelets along with my watch. 

This just gives me a finely accessorized and chic look, also one can go for a single stone fine crystal necklace for that elegant and sophisticated look. 

Q8. Do you also offer jewellery for mens on KacyWorld?  

Currently, no we do not offer jewellery for men but we will soon start that too. 


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