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Digraj Singh Shahpura, the hospitality-entreprenuer behind the Shahpura Hotels

Digraj Singh Shahpura, the hospitality-entreprenuer behind the Shahpura Hotels

Digraj Singh Shahpura is making his name count in top hoteliers of India by providing an exceptional accommodation experience with his Palaces which are beautifully restored with luxury and comfort, giving every visitor a unique feeling of Royal life.

Digraj Singh Shahpura feels our Rajasthan desert is pure Gold of India and if anyone wants to feel the grandeur life, Rajasthan is the only place of India which gives immense comfort and perfect vacation for every tourist.

According to Digraj Singh Shahpura, every descendant of the Royal family has done one job, and that is holding their respective places and restored them from time to time, and now these jewels are giving incredible revenue to everyone in Rajasthan. As the curiosity of foreign tourist is increasing more and more to see the palaces and bautiful desert of Rajasthan with its music and nightlife food and everything, and the service which provides is not possible at other hotels.

Digraj Singh Shahpura knows that everyone today wants to live life like Royals did in ancient times. So his effort is to give his visitors the same feeling and experience of a lifetime by giving Royal Indian Lifestyles. Shahpura hotels are known for their large living spaces, a combination of International and local cuisine, Royal spa with excellent conference facilities.

Digraj Singh Shahpura is passionate about expanding his business worldwide, and he wants to expand his hotel’s chains everywhere in India. Right now he is the Director of the Shahpura Hotels, and he is looking forward to investing more in other places of India to give the same comfort which he is providing with his modern hotels.

Last few years have been great for Digraj Singh Shahpura from 2018 and 2019 has been top most years for Shahpura family as they have invested in many new projects especially in hotels. They are all set to take it further in 2019-20 which is clearly told by Digraj Singh Shahpura Director of Royal hotels of Shahpura.

Looking to his effort and passion for doing something big is undoubtedly, and he is taking himself at a place where competitors will find tough to stay against him in the hotel business. He knows how to run this business by giving exact things which tourist required from hotels. His hospitality in his every hotel is just class apart than other which is already seen in recent times as they have won many awards as top hotels in Royalty.

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