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Cracking the Entrepreneur code with Navjyot Gurudutta

Cracking the Entrepreneur code with Navjyot Gurudutta

So we came across this multi talented guy ‘Navjyot Gurudutta’  who is currently the Owner of the start-up named ‘Fame Managers’ and also involved in the family business of ‘Rice Industry’ based in Odisha.
We had a detailed conversation with Navjyot about his early life and his business Goals, Let’s have a look.

Early life

Initially, at an early age Navjyot was so much inspired from ‘Christiano Ronaldo’ he was so obsessed with him that he started playing football and played really hard to achieve something in football as a result of hardwork Navjyot was selected in the state team and he started playing for his state, he played a lot of tournaments and won a lot of trophies for his state. Indeed. It was a proud moment for whole of him family.

On the road to Roadies

After this great achievement Navjyot was selected for a famous Indian reality show ‘MTV Roadies X1’.
Being selected for this is really a tough job, you need to be strong physically and mentally both. He used to follow this show for long and with his hardwork he was part of the show. His sporty nature was perfect for the show as this show is all about various sporty tasks. After this he was again the contestant of other season of the same show which was a online task and his video was featured on ‘MTV India’.
After getting featured on this National level shows, it was the time to taste the success. People started knowing him by his name and also remembers him as Roadie.

As an Entrepreneur

After all this scenario he finally shifted to his family business of ‘Rice Industry’ and now he is the owner of ‘Sri Guru Govind Rice Industry’ with his amazing business skill set he is making amazing profits in this field.
His vision is to take his industry on the whole new level and exporting ‘Rice’ outside India. He is also working for Governent and do the custom milling of rice.
Apart from this family business he also the owner of Digital Startup ‘Fame Managers’ in which he manages and provides digital help for fast growth to many big celebrities, entrepreneurs, brands and other artist of India as well as abroad.
He has a nature of ‘Never giving up’ and he believes that ‘Success will only knock if you never give up’.
Connect with Navjyot: https://instagram.com/navjyotgurudatta
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