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Fan of luxury cars, then Boopesh Reddy’s BrenGarage in Bengaluru is a must visit for for you

Fan of luxury cars, then Boopesh Reddy’s BrenGarage in Bengaluru is a must visit for for you

BrenGarage is not a name or just Personal Garage in Bengaluru it’s a Brand which has world’s tops machines. Boopesh Reddy, who is a famous businessman in Bangalore. He is a petro head and Managing Director of Bren Corporation Pvt Ltd. Boopesh’s Garage is widely renowned for the full range of wheels, and some wheels are unique and scarce one or two cars in his Garage are the only Cars in India, which shows his passion for supercars.

BrenGarage is a Royal place which is making Bengaluru proud with top class cars in one man’s Garage. Cars like the Ferrari 458 Red hot machine, Voresteiner Lamborghini Huracan in Metta yellow rare car to see in India. Aston Martin DBS Coupe in Rich Black shiny car stunning and beautiful, India’s only Porsche 911R in sober white and green lines an ultimate racehorse its sound makes you crazy and smooth like a calm river and its Boopesh Reddy’s Favourite car too. Porsche Turbo S in sky blue colour which looks chic on Road, Porsche Cayman GT4, Porsche 911 Carrera S in super Rich Blue colour, Audi R8 V10 T. Then Mercedes-AMG GTR you can get an idea of Boopesh love for supercars. and the only Lamborghini Aventador SVJ in India is in BrenGarage.

BrenGarage is also accessible on social media YouTube, Facebook, Instagram there is a massive number of followers on BrenGarage page. Boopesh feels he will keep on adding new cars because one thing which he loves in life other than family is Cars and it was his dream to ride all the top beast of the Road in his Garage and now growth has allowed him to do so he is living life with full.

BrenGarage is so popular even if you type BrenGarage you will get an address with images and so many details and to add on no real publicity is done till now for his BrenGarage it’s just public love and excitement to know about his Garage, and the keyword has made BrenGarage this much Popular in every search engines.

BrenGarage is not only famous in south India or India, but it is also renowned outside India too. We hope Boopesh Reddy’s BrenGarage get an update with more supercars and people like us to see beast cars on our Indian Roads.

Divya Khanna

Divya Khanna is the youngest member of the team, with a background in political science. She has joined High on persona print magazine in order to gain hands-on experience in various aspects of editorial coordination as associate editor of the magazine and news site. She has a penchant for writing and enjoys meeting new people and interviewing celebrities. She has a passion for writing, she has an eye for details, loves traveling and a quick learner.

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