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Direct and Exlusive with Model Amit Sobti, winner of Best Model of the world (India)

Direct and Exlusive with Model Amit Sobti

Amit Sobti is an upcoming model and also the winner of Best Model of the world (India) Pageant, who’s proved to be a name to reckon with in the glamorous world of modelling. He is a qualified engineer but decided not to settle for a secure job but instead rough it out as a model. Over the last couple of years Amit has made his presence felt and is likely to go places in the days to come. HIGH ON PERSONA  took the opportunity to have a tete-a-tete with the dashing model.

Q – Please tell us something about yourself and your initial days before you tasted success?
Amit – I was born and brought up in Chandigarh and did my Bachelors of technology in Electronics and Communication.  Afterwards, driven by my passion to make a foray into the world of modelling I started to model for few noted brands and shows. I was getting good offers and I simply couldn’t resist, propelled by my love and fashion for the field I full fledgedly took plunge into world of modelling.
Thankfully my mother was very supportive of my decision to join modelling. I had no looking back since then and I got to walk the runway of numerous fashion shows like Vogue runway fashion week, Lucknow fashion week and many elite shows and events. Following which I even won model of the world India title recently. Shift from engineering to modelling is journey of dedication and hard work.
Q-What kind of a diet do you follow to cope with your hectic schedule?
Amit – I go for well balanced and nutritious diet and don’t cheat on my diet. My daily diet plan includes 2 glasses of warm water with 8 soaked almonds and 2 walnuts at 7 am in the morning, by 10 am I take a bowl of oats and protein powder, I take my lunch at around 2 and lunch includes brown rice, salad and curd. At 4 pm I take fruits ( apple, orange, pomegranate) and by 10 pm I take my dinner which includes big bowl of salad. In short, my diet is not elaborate but balanced and nutritious
Q- Today modelling remains a highly competitive profession how do you deal with it?
Amit – Honing your skills as a model and regularly participating in auditions, knowing your strengths and weaknesses is something every aspiring model should do. Improvise on your shortcomings and try to be a better version of yourself One should not bog down by struggle or failures in the career but try to plug in the loopholes by working towards improving skills.
Q- The trend in the last few years has been to graduate in films from modelling. Do you have any plans like that?
Amit – Well, I am getting offers and I would love to graduate into films also at a suitable time.
Q -You have just the right kind of physique. It’s neither overly muscled nor under-defined. Could you please give our readers some tips to help them build their bodies?
Amit – Well taking care of diet and nutrition and at the same time working out and sweating out regularly is very important if you want to achieve perfectly contoured and good body. I would say being consistent is very necessary.
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