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Daryaganj Aerocity, the legacy from the times of partition to independent country now

Daryaganj Aerocity, the legacy from the times of partition to independent country now

The legacy from the times of partition to the independent country now, Daryaganj Aerocity, is a North Indian cuisine restaurant conceptualized by Raghav Jaggi and Amit Bagga with the principle of celebrating the legacy of Kundan Lal Jaggi, (Raghav Jaggi’s Grandfather) who was the great inventive pioneer of Tandoori cuisine and is often credited for making this cuisine popular in the world. The culinary legacy goes back decades to the era of Indian Independence, when Kundan Lal Jaggi, a refugee from Peshawar came to Delhi with nothing but the skills to make the best Tandoori Food. He was the Inventor of the legendary Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani, arguably the most selling dishes in any north Indian restaurant.


The iconic restaurant at Daryaganj was an astonishing establishment where signature inventions of Tandoori cuisine were presented to the world. Kundan Lal Jaggi’s Restaurant was known to be a landmark, a milestone on the map of India’s culinary map. Without a doubt, it became Delhi’s best-eating place after independence. The Daryaganj Restaurant enjoyed the patronage of all the famous personalities of the world, even the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru himself who was in such awe of the food at Kundan Lal Jaggi’s Restaurant ,that he asked him to set up a ‘tandoor’ at his official residence and cooks of the restaurant to come and cook piping hot naans and kababs live for him and his official guests. The signature inventions like Butter Chicken and Dal makhani were savored while Shakila Bano’s Qawwalis were being performed live. There were many dignitaries who visited to experience the signature inventions at this iconic Restaurant and were hosted by Kundan Lal Jaggi himself.

With the motto of hearty eating and good living of these three Punjabi partners, they changed the food culture of Delhi. The residents of Delhi were happy with their Paranthe wali Gali Paranthas but the refugees brought with them a whole new palate. Kundan Lal Jaggi resurrected Peshawar’s tandoori cuisine in old Delhi’s Daryaganj. People living in Delhi before partition were majorly vegetarians however after the huge influx of Hindu refugees from the region who were used to eating meat found this food the closest to what they ate there and most familiar and because of this, the restaurant witnessed a huge demand for their food and it used to get sold out early every day. And with this, Delhi discovered its appetite for eating out. 

Ajay Arora

Ajay Arora is a successful entrepreneur, tech-savvy, and ardent traveller, he is a multifaceted personality. He has travelled to various domestic and international destinations and is an engineer by education. He is on the panel of High on Persona Magazine with a specific intention of advising to guide us to cater to our readers in a holistic manner covering a plethora of subjects, He has penchant for writing and loves to write on technology.

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