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Talent infused with versitality: Ssharad Malhotra

Talent infused with versitality: Ssharad Malhotra

High On Persona Magazine recently interviewed television actor, Ssharad Malhotra, who is in the business for more than ten years. Ssharad entered into the industry in 2004 but got major success with Zee Tv’s show Banoo Main Teri Dulhan. Read the full imterview below:

Q. How your journey to the world of television began?
It began in the year 2006. I did my first show with Shankuntalam Telefilms. The show was named Banooo Mei Teri Dulhan and I did it with costar DivyankaTripathi. We both created amazing magic on screen and which people still remember. She is one of the finest costars I have worked with. I hope she has the same thing to say about me. It ran for 3 years and it did extremely well. My character was very special and its was exteremely difficult to play. I have given 10-15 auditions for it. I ha ave lot of ups and downs in my journey but I have completely enjoyed it. A lot of people haelped me in my journey and It has been a very nice journey. 
Q. What prompted you to pick TV as a medium to express your talent?
Honestly, I came to the industry and I had no choice. I had no godfather who is into Bollywood. I came as a layman who wanted to do something in life and who loved the idea of acting. When I auditioned for television my producer liked me and I got my show. It’s not that I had a choice. If I had a choice I would have done films. I did television and it worked very well for me. 
Q. Who is your inspiration & role model ?
I have no inspiration. My dad has been a role model for me and he is my superhero. I have grown up watching him sacrificing for the family and working hard so that we are availed of the best proof things and have a healthy and happy atmosphere for living. I want to like to live a life like him. 
Q. Do you cherish aspirations to hop on to the bandwagon of Bollywood?
I absolutely aspire. I am doing television for the last 13-14 years and I did a couple of films which unfortunately didn’t do well. But having said that I would love to see myself doing a film. Who would not like to grow as an actor? I would love to see myself on a big screen. I would love to work with good direction. I want to grow as an actor too. I don’ want to sound pompous but peoples ay that I am the best actor in television. I love television and  I would continue to do television 
Q. Your opinion about content and element of supernatural or horror being used in many TV serials today, Do you think its a healthy trend?
Tv is not healthy or unhealthy It’s for entertainment purpose, unwinding purpose. You cant find educating material always in television sometimes its only for entertainment.  If you are thinking of only educating things then you should find something else. If any supernatural show like Daayanis doing well then it means that people are watching. In todays time people who want to see Naagin, drama, thriller, they want to be entertained. 
Q. In an era of Netflix and web series do you feel insecure about the scope of entertainment offered by the small screen?
Not at all. It’s undoubtedly most of the strongest medium we have today. Television will continue to be the strongest medium. In rural places and even in urban Tv is strongest. It’s no longer the idiot box, its the smartest box.  Be it anything tv ill always be strong.
Q. How do you cope up with work and home balance?
If you are doing Tv then there is no time for personal life. But you need to make time for your personal life. I have realised this thing in recent time. I try to maintain my personal and proffesonal life hand in hand. 
Q. How much time you give to self-grooming on a daily basis and how does your daily grooming and beauty routine looks like?
I hardly have time for self-grooming. The grooming that happens on the sets I like to dress up well. I like to go to Spa once in a well. I like to for some nice beauty therapy to pamper myself. I also like to smell good. I also keep myself clean and hygienic
Q. Share your excercise & diet plan that keeps you fit and beautiful?
Running and lifting weights. I am also into sports I play badminton, cricket soccer. Its a mix of sports., weight and everything. I drink a lot of water to keep myself hydrated. I avoid spicy and oily food.
Q. What lies in your bag and your favourite brands?
I carry everything in my bag. I have a nice collection of perfumes. I like to smell good. I always have these(Versace and Issey Miyake) perfumes in my bag.
Q. Your favourite holiday destinations and plans for summer holidays?
Kashmir Gulmarg Switzerland and all time favorite is San Fransisco.
Q. Your favourite co-stars till date and the qualities you admire in them?
All of my costars have been brilliant. I have been very lucky to get talented costars from the very first show till the show I am doing now. They are very helping, cooperating and adjusting. I feel somehow they have helped me to grow as an actor. 
Q. A lesson that life has taught you, in brief, the moral of the lesson u learned?
Intelligent hard work is the key to success in today’s time.
Q. Tips and habits that keep you organized?
 I am in habit of making a Checklist
Vijay Narula

Vijay is an entropic traveller who keeps himself abreast with the developments in every nook and cranny of the world. He is a treasure trove of information about unexplored destinations and happenings in various parts of the world. He is a connoisseur of fashion and trends and keeps a tab on practically all the leading designers and fashion houses of the world. Styling for fashion shoots and magazines remains his forte. He has vast experience in fashion shoots and events and exceptional grasp over the language and has written extensively on fashion, travel and style trends etc. He makes an immensely valuable contribution to High On Persona

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