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Urvashi Kaur will present ‘Masira’ as part of the Sustainable Fashion Day at Lakme Fashion Week on August 22 in Mumbai

Urvashi Kaur will present ‘Masaira’ as part of the Sustainable Fashion Day at Lakme Fashion Week on August 22 in Mumbai

As a designer Urvashi Kaur is constantly looking deeper and searching for the affects of art and design on contemporary culture. She also believes strongly in the power of self expression as a tool of change and empowerment in an increasingly chaotic atmosphere globally.

The work of Ethiopian artist, Dawit Abebe strongly resonates with her as it captures the theme of public versus private spheres and the conflict and assimilation that occurs subsequently. Dawit’s large mixed media paintings, usually representing a political call to action and featuring a strong, graphic use of colour form the backdrop of the designers’ Fall Winter Collection.

Choosing a palette of Greys and blacks with inserts of Teal, Ecru and a deep blood red, Urvashi uses multiple techniques to convey a layered, complex narrative through her pieces. Instances of Shibori in multiple colours featured on a single silhouette or the abstract tactile threadwork that run through the collection capture the essence of the current social upheaval and its cultural repercussions.

Taking forward the concept of linear symmetricity, Urvashi has worked with engineered silhouettes that have multiple panels and seams incorporating a play of different textiles as well as woven stripes. One of the signature elements in the designers’ work is the intricate hand pleating of natural fabrics as well as strategic kantha details which add a human element to every piece. Another key feature Urvashi’s process is block printing. An art based approach has led to striking developments and placement usage of multiple blocks on various silhouettes.

The collection comprises of a wealth of textiles from all across the country. Handwoven khes fabric from Punjab, detailed Shibori tie dye from Churu in Rajasthan, maheshwari silks from Maheshwar and hand woven khadi from Women Weave that supports and empowers women artisans in Madhya Pradesh. These artisanal weaves and treatments are brought together in a forward thinking collection that presents the textile heritage of India in a contemporary format looking at the future of fashion.

Urvashi Kaur’s endeavour through the process of this collection, is to look at textile and design as the markers of a widening cultural movement where multiple ethnicities are gradually coming together incubating a global, shared culture of folklore and tradition.

Vijay Narula

Vijay is an entropic traveller who keeps himself abreast with the developments in every nook and cranny of the world. He is a treasure trove of information about unexplored destinations and happenings in various parts of the world. He is a connoisseur of fashion and trends and keeps a tab on practically all the leading designers and fashion houses of the world. Styling for fashion shoots and magazines remains his forte. He has vast experience in fashion shoots and events and exceptional grasp over the language and has written extensively on fashion, travel and style trends etc. He makes an immensely valuable contribution to High On Persona

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