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Sentinel of avant garde fashion – Rina Dhaka


She is synonymous with high fashion couture and is one of the pioneers in introducing the Indian glitterati to high end couture. She comes forth as someone who walks off the beaten path and revels in bucking the trends, her out of the box designs have not only been exemplary but also drawn the cognoscenti towards her. She has been instrumental in getting Delhi recognized as a fashion hub of India. Essence of her cloth line has been an acute sense of sexiness and has been a visual treat in both aesthetics and sexiness.

None other than Rina Dhaka who is known as goutier of east has been in great demand in India and abroad because of her universal styling which is not confined to any geography. Her creations engender a free spirited approach which has gone to the extent of drawing attention of the world famous New York Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. Rina Dhaka has an enviable clientele across the globe which includes luminaries like Naomi Campbell, Martha Marzotto, Uma Thurman, TARA PALMER, TOMLINSON AND VITTORIO RADICE.

High on Persona met up with ace designer at the Tivoli Garden Hotel, Delhi, for a leisurely conversation covering a slew of issues, touching upon her creativity. Prior to our meeting with Rina I was a bit inhibited by her towering reputation, I was under the impression that a person who has achieved such phenomenal success could be very daunting and overpowering. However, on meeting her my entire perception went for a toss. As she came across as a down to earth, fun loving, humble person who din’t allow her laurels to rest on her. We discussed a myriad of issues starting from her business dynamics to her personal front

Q: What has been your observation on the metamorphosis of fashion?
Fashion world was more of a fashion than profession, over the years it has evolved into an industry, when I had come into this field nobody spoke of money worth mentioning. The concept has been entirely turned upon its head and its about business now, a completely new perspective has come into existence. During my initial days we were more involved at the aesthetic aspects of fashion, we used to aspire for fashion as art and innovation and creative satisfaction. Element of commerce was conspicuous by its absence.
Q: At this point in time, India has a huge pool of designers what do you think about their body of work?
I don’t have much to say about young crop of designers and would like to say that they are very hardworking, sincere and high achievers. I have noticed plenty of their creations have been derived from out of the box thinking and I highly appreciate their non linier creativity.
Q: We have come across lot of designer label stuff selling for shockingly at cheap prices online?.
I know that’s happening, popular designs by reputed designers are being copied by local manufacturers with infinity. But I am sure with time this will boom rang and these imitations will vanish from the market.
Q: You are a busy persona, how do you spend you Saturdays, it should be an off day for you ?
( laughs ) for a person like me Saturdays are like Mondays .
Do you keep yourself fit according to some regimen?
Earlier I was leaner but now I prefer to be healthier, I have shifted my focus to health rather than fitness. I seldom drink alcohol, I am always on the move and never get static at one place for too long. As I believe stomach crunches are absolutely necessary for me.
Q: You must be having a philosophy in your life that you must be following ?
Struggle, work hard and go on.
Q: You come across very humble and down to earth person despite phenomenal success you have achieved could you pls explain that to us ?
Well you see I am a practising Buddhism and deeply into chanting and this has engrained a spirit of humility within me , I don’t take my success so seriously that it will go to my head. The basic premise of Buddhism is that everything is transient and ephemeral.
Q: Please name your favourite shopping haunts and destinations?
London and china as I like to shop for work from there.
Q: Favourite holiday destination?
Thailand all the way.
Q: How many times you take off from your work and pamper yourself in a weak ?
No pampering, I only take body massage in the morning and that too because it is a necessity for me.
Q: How frequently do you party in a week?
My husband loves to party and I dread for party, I don’t like going to parties at all but yes I have to go to parties at times with him.
Q: What’s Fashion for women?
It’s about giving options, it’s about severity and seduction.
What’s designing for you?
Basically it’s a lot of fun, I love to give shape to my inner feelings.


As showcased during Amazon India Fashion Week Rina Dhaka’s collection and fashion forecast was inspired from the florals in the wild. Use of sensuous fabric made strong statement with supple silks, plush velvet and laces in rich tones. Rina gives velvet her vote and her collection is about dark romanticism. Elements of flowers in hues of grey, charcoal, brown muse and hint of red, against a very distressed background whether it is for leaves or dried twigs, faux furs washed effect on the ensembles has been used to make them look vintage.

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