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Corneliani designs exclusively Italian bags for discerning men

Corneliani designs exclusively Italian bags for discerning men

Corneliani, a family-owned Italian luxury menswear brand set up in the 1930s, is famous the world over for its coats and suits. However, Italy, along with its automobiles, is also known for its leather goods. And Corneliani, the storied luxury brand, also has a significant presence in the accessory segment and in this regard the company has selected the finest leathers to craft their new line of weaved leather bags.

The Mantua-based designer house with its made-in-Italy artisanal tradition is processed in the collection by the expert craftsmen who keep Corneliani’s mainstay- refinement and comfort alive! The bags have been moulded in Italian woven leather that highlights the accurate details and turns them stylish and exquisite. In order to easily transition from an office ambience to leisure and travel, grab the spacious ‘Boston bag’ from Corneliani.
These bags are comfortably spacious and feature handy details and multi-zipped pockets that make them a trusted companion of the modern man. The most exclusive of all in the entire collection is the ‘Briefcase bag’ with a combination lock, whose double inside compartment offers the optimal functionality in an urban setting as well as while travelling.
Corneliani, which recently saw a change in its CEO, has been a global reference point for men’s high-end wardrobe. The fashion house takes an unusual pride in being one of the torchbearers of Italian craftsmanship. Although menswear has been undergoing a sea-change Corneliani has kept pace with it. The designers at Corneliani have maintained its rich heritage while producing the leather bags.

So, to experience the Italian haute couture grab these elegantly exclusive made in Italy.
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