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Athleisure: Great Camaraderie of Leisure with style.

Athleisure: Great Camaraderie of Leisure with style. - High on Pesona

Imbodhi’s spanking and versatile bodysuit, Tully Lou athleisure for sporty mesh tops, Katie k’s propel Capri in pink and funky colors or big brands like Adidas, online fashion retailer Myntra or Max, all are thriving in the segment at a good pace Trend has been burgeoning as many celebrities and brands are jumping on to the leisure wear bandwagon. the look of fashion has undergone a drastic change with leisure wear becoming a Fashion phenomenon and this multi-functional apparel has evolved with an interesting twist to take center stage. The trend has taken over the closets of the fashion-conscious generation and Athleisure is often identified with gymming or sporting activities but the spectrum of leisurewear has expanded and permeated on the other occasions that call for fashionable dressing, no longer wearing Athleisure is confined to specific occasions. Athleisure has evolved with an innovative and fashionable twist. 

We spoke to leading brands and designers as well as fashion connoisseurs to find out how they are adding dimension to the trend and taking it to next level. Max Fashion has incorporated innate aesthetics with edgy sophistication and beautifully intertwined design sensibilities with innovation that are perfected to achieve trendy chivalry and versatility. Athleisure gets a facelift with the fashion of geometry and changes as new variations are being incorporated by the brand to keep the trend fanciful. The brand has recently come out with out of the box designs which can be observed in their clothing line” Informed Kamakshi Kaul, VP Design Head, Max Fashion “The Geometric trend may be just what you need, to add to your fashion game. 

Continuing further Kamakshi informed, “Athleisure has been around for several seasons now, so it’s only apt that we see new variations within the dynamic trend that has taken the world by a storm. If you are Looking forward to revamp your fashion game than you can pick choicest of options available in Athleisure, from smart designs in sweatshirts, Suave leggings with tape details or now very trending geometric elements of Athleisure. Speaking of geometry, you don’t just have to stick to the linear tendencies that stand out. Be adventurous and pick from cool checks, asymmetric shapes and uniform color blocking that leave a mark. Chic and comfortable, these outfits are bound to take you places, On styling Athleisure Niki stated ” Sneakers are not the only way to Ranging from a day out with friends, an event or dinner date. Versatility is the middle name of Athleisure as you can pair your pick with stylish accessories, and you are ready to step out in style.

Athleisure has taken adventurous leaps and available with cool and stylish inspirations’, she concluded. Ace Fashion Designer Niki Mahajan, while endorsing the trend and giving styling input, said, ” I totally agree with the trend, at the end of the day comfort is a paramount feature and uncomfortable clothes reflect adversely on the personality. Mostly in geometric patterns and erogenous dressing is fashionable because it reflects simplicity and clean lines. 

On styling, Athleisure Niki states “Sneakers are not the only way to team up Athleisure. Wedges and boxy footwear are great too, you can carry oversize bags that looks classy. Throw in a floral/ plaid scarf around the neck, chunky neck pieces made with organic materials juxtaposes the look too. ‘ concludes ace designer Niki Mahajan.  

The trend is not fanciful for metropolitan cities only, even tier 2 cities are setting the trend ablaze, for Pallavi Sethi, a renowned fashion designer based in Jaipur Athleisure can be considered as a fashion movement, enabled by improved textile materials, which allows sportswear to be more versatile, comfortable, and fashionable. “The trend came about because people could wear them for multiple occasions in their fast-paced lifestyles, without having to change. Going for City’s stylish heartthrob and brand ambassador behind many brands endorses the   Athleisure phenomena”.  Athleisure in its innovative avatars like geometric patterns and vivid shades looks very cool, even models are showcasing these designs with aplomb. Athleisure is ruling the runway too. It’s more important to look comfortable in what you are wearing, only beautiful clothes don define fashion. Fashion is confidence and one can only be confident if you are comfortable. According to Pallavi Sethi “This can be considered as fashion industry movement, enabled by improved textile materials that allow it to be more versatile, comfortable and fashionable. The trend has also become popular because of its wearability and versatility for multiple occasions. The trend is here to stay and going to be part of the daily dressing, global shifts towards a rise in health and fitness trends have led to growing interest and participation in sports and active lifestyle among the public. Today the look is being endorsed by celebrities, their airport looks in Athleisure are most talked about and these looks are hugely followed on social media and ultimately seep into the masses. This remains best while you travel or a casual outing but there have been concerns about the materials used in Athleisure, going for fashionable and comfortable clothing that remains more natural and body friendly makes more sense.  However, for social functions, especially in India, Athleisure is not an option. Although the cuts have become bolder and the styling chic, a slightly ethnic look is still a preference, concludes Pallavi Sethi.  


Nailing athleisure fashion with Celebrity Fashion Stylist – Rupa Chourasia 

Infuse your wardrobe and spruce up your look as you pick from most recent trends in Athleisure fashion, from trending geometric elements to experimentation with checks, asymmetric shapes or color blocking famous celebrity fashion stylist Rupa Chaurasia decodes the trivia of Athleisure and shares easy tricks and tips to elevate your look. Athleisure as the term itself says is a combination of athletic and the leisure. So as a thumb rule, it has to be relaxed, it’s like getting more comfortable, you can wear in real life besides using it just as a sportswear. 

  1. Blend fashion pieces such as jeans, a leather jacket or heels with active-wear and pieces such as sneakers, sweatpants or a sports bra to create a well-balanced look. 
  2. Complete the look with shoes that are comfortable. Replace heels with sneakers, white sneakers look quite cool with attire. For elevating the look further wear cool shades, stylish bracelets, a good watch, hoodies, and elaborate bags or totes.
  3. You can replace denim with leggings or if you have a fetish for denim than you can go for leggings in variants of denim too. 
  4. Complete Athleisure looks by accessorizing appropriately. Stick to a sleek, sporty vibe but add a touch of your personal style. A pair of aviator sunglasses, a baseball cap, or a stylish backpack will all work perfectly. 
  5. Black remains a very safe color in Athleisure but by blending black with pastels, beige or funky pink, blue or green you can transform the entire look.
  6.  Add diversity with asymmetry, you can go single or off-shoulder.  
  7. Prints are Tricky but they add a tinge of funk and colors to the outfit, opting for prints according to your personality remains important. If you are tall going for big bold prints will be a nice idea but if you short opt for small prints or solid plain colors. Geometric prints look very trendy and give a certain shape to your body. Apt print and correct color can enhance your look and make you appear slimmer. 
  8. Feel comfortable to mix and match with leisurewear and glam up your way to everyday routine. Avoid heavy pieces of jewelry, sleek hoops or sleek earrings with classy wrist watch is all you need. 
  9. Feel comfortable to mix and match with leisurewear and glam up your way to everyday routine. Avoid heavy pieces of jewelry, sleek hoops or sleek earrings with classy wrist watch is all you need. 
  10. You must cover your hair with a stylish cap in case of bad hair day or a top bun will look good. You can add a sporty touch with a geometric print sports bra or a mesh crop top.

Gigi Hadid promoting the athleisure look

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