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Talent show for School and College Students: Mighty Masters

Talent show for School and College Students: Mighty Masters

“’Mighty Masters is a talent show for school and college students. It is trying to bring our hidden gems and talents infront of everyone. It is an opportunity to present the young and precious gems infront of the International viewers”, informs Bollywood Actor, Rahul Roy.

Peach House production is all set to launch Mighty Masters to provide a unique platform to young students to showcase their talent. To make announcement for the same an event was organised in Delhi Ghaziabad that was attended by who’s who of society.

The talent show will give a golden opportunity to perform without hesitation infront of the live cameras. It is humble effort to help these students to achieve their aspirations and dreams in life. ‘We have observed that there are umpteen number of students with precious talent, who join various institutions to fulfil their dreams, but are unable to get the right kind of exposure’, informs Raj Chahar, the fashion & style guru.

Unfortunately, their talents remain buried deep within them. We have brought this program which will be a boon for all the talented students. It will be a milestone in their progress and steps to fame. Peach House Production has taken this step of providing a platform to all the talented gems. They can now, without hesitation perform and show the world their talents. So, a Mega boon for all the students and young talented lot. We welcome and invite all budding artists who are having melodious voices like nightingales and feel their body moves to the beat of music flexibly and naturally. This is the perfect platform for such talent.

‘Mighty Masters’ is open for 3 different age categories and 5 different categories from various schools and colleges.

For schools the various ‘age categories’ are:

-Less than 10 years

-11 to 14 years

-15 to 18 years

And above 18 years for colleges


– Solo singing 

-Group singing 

-Solo dance

– Group dance

A Live band can participate in one or all categories.

Various Institutions will have to send their students to Peach House Production in Delhi on a specific date and time. receive cash prize.

The team of Peach House Production would shoot the talented lot with latest equipment and techniques and the team will present their video on a Worldwide channel for the viewers to see. The video that would receive maximum votes and praises would be announced the undisputed winner. Each age group and category would have different winners. The viewers would be the judges and decide who deserves the crown. Winners would not only receive cash prize. They would also get a chance to stand and get fame with various renowned celebrities. Participation in Mighty Masters is absolutely free. Professional video that would be made would be free too. The voting medium would also be unbiased. Pinky Bajaj, Director of Peach House production has said that It would wholly depend on the discretion of their viewers.

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