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Ceramics triennale: Discovery of clay art in Jaipur followed by Book Launch

Indian Ceramics triennale
An invigorating and insightful symposium took place recently at Rangayan of Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK), Jaipur as part of first Indian Ceramics Triennale ‘Breaking Ground’.

They organized in collaboration with Contemporary Clay Foundation event. Furthermore, there was a book launch succeeded by the session on Material Matters. The event aimed at discussing ceramic discoveries around the world. Consequently, it created a platform for mapping of trade routes and technological influence on clay and ceramics.


Furthermore, there was a session. The session titled ‘Material Matters’ featured ceramic experts like;

1. Ceramicist, Ms. Tamsin Van Essen;

2. Art historian and curator, Mr. Naman Ahuja;

3. Artist-designer, Ms. Ingrid Murphy.

Mr. Abhay Sardesai, Editor of Art India moderated the session of Material Matters.


Examining scientific, medical and socio-historic themes, Ms. Essen said that possibilities in ceramics are endless. She also discussed in-depth projects undertaken with Medical Museum London and Kings College London to depict pieces that explore anatomy and form to provoke emotions of ease, disease and unease amongst the viewers.

Her pieces took inspiration from medical conditions like acne, osteoporosis, psoriasis, cancer, among others.

Analysing the significant impact of technology on the changing scope and scene of arts, Mr. Ahuja said that the history of Indian ceramics is inter-connect with the rest of the world and has absorbed practices from Rome, Greece, Baluchistan etc. He also showed photographed pieces from Neolithic and Harappan sites.

Ms. Murphy focused on her practice which fluctuated between the real world and the digital realm. Further, she discussed applications of digital technology to ceramics. Her works reflected her interest in infusing historical objects with contemporary context. Summarizing the various threads explored at the symposium during the Triennale, Ms. Gers said that the future of ceramics is in developing sustainable practices for the future generation.

There is a need to create ethical foundation that focuses on building economically and environmentally. Later on, the vote of thanks was delivered by Additional Director General (Tech), JKK, Ms. Anuradha Singh.

The evening concluded with book launch of – Building with Fire by Ray Meeker published by CEPT University Press. In addition to this, the book explores, first and foremost, a technique where fire is introduced into the construction process as cement for bonding building elements together permanently. As a result, it creates a water-resistant structure. Building with fire also suggests the passion with which these experiments have been undertaken. The element of risk involved in the process is quite high. Later, there was a movie screening of ‘Agni Jata’. The movie documents the construction and firing involved in one of Ray’s Project.


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