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12th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema celebrated with aplomb by Marwah studios and AAFT

12th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema celebrated with aplomb by Marwah studios and AAFT

Element of entertainment determines success of any movie of different genre, however, after recent trend and significant growth of Internet movies and web series, many people are drawn towards creating movies on their cell phones and have joined the bandwagon of the entertainment industry. Cell phones are playing a pivotal role in the growth of the entertainment sector and with this easy-medium short yet meaningful movies are being made that convey a significant message to the society. The concept of cell phone cinema has influenced many to make a foray in the sector and make it big. To celebrate the success of Cell phone cinema 12th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema was Inaugurated at Film City Noida.
While inaugurating the festival, Foreign Minister of Comoros H.E. K.L. Ganju stated, “I have never seen the concept of Cellphone cinema and that too at an international level. I am amazed by the remarkable growth and incredible work initiated and done in the field,  I congratulate the complete team”. Adding to this further, Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios stated, Many people have started festival of Cellphone Films in last few years after its inception by Marwah Studios and AAFT but they have not been able to match or even  touch the scale. It is easy to start the concept but it is difficult to continue the same and make it successful, in years to come the magnitude of the event will grow further and reach its crescendo. Gracing the occasion were Prof. Dr. Devendra Pathak, Vice Chancellor of Oriental University of Indore, Prof. Dr. N.K. Sinha Vice Chancellor of Himalayan Garhwal University & Seema Gumber who also threw the light of the concept and its growth.  

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