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TV stars thrilled with valentine celebration but not enthused by the crass commercialisation of the occasion.

TV stars thrilled with valentine celebration but not enthused by the crass commercialisation of the occasion.

Valentine day is derived from st. valentines in Italy and it has evolved into a day of love and romance over the years,  on this day all over the world people profess their love to their opposite numbers in myriad ways. The air is thick with love and proposals fly thick and fast, there are numerous anecdotes about this day and it is said that 14th Feb is an auspicious day to make a romantic proposal. Youngsters all over the world participate in this occasion with gusto and exchange promises of eternal love of undying passion and companionship till eternity.

However, off late during the last decade valentines day has become a billion dollar industry. Cards, gifts, chocolates, have become the norm for celebrating this day of romance. It is no longer confined to red roses but has transcended to exchange of jewelry and other expansive commodities.

Although it has added variety to the gifts it has become an expensive proposition, almost all consumer companies are making a kill on this occasion. In India, valentines day has grown in proportions almost to the level of traditional Hindu festivities. 

While the world waits in anticipation for the 14th we took it upon itself to speak to a cross-section of tv stars and high flying personalities to gauge the mood. And we found that everybody seems to be rather thrilled in anticipation of valentines day but at the same time they were not all that enthused by the crass commercialization of this occasion, they still pine for that soft romantic evening and whispering love notes. Let’s find out what they said.

Mohammad Nazim: For this Saath Nibhana Tele series fame star Valentine’s Day has lost its true essence and has become a big marketing gimmick where people are only interested to sell soft toys, cards, and chocolates in the name of Valentine and love. Its good to feel the spirit but should be done in a subtle way, let this not be an obsession for you. Pamper your loved ones but don’t go overboard. 


Ssharad Malhotra: The very handsome heartthrob of Indian tele world told us that the day of love, Valentine’s Day has become more of a fad. You need not to flaunt your love as its expression of love and emotion. Sadly big or small brands have turned it into an aggressive marketing strategy on which they capitalize. You don’t need one day only to express your emotions.  

Shashank Vyas: Well I think this day is not about Indian Culture so one is free to celebrate the way he or she wants. Your gift can be small or big, expensive or inexpensive but should be thoughtful. Overall its a beautiful and fun-filled day for expression of love and there is nothing wrong about it. 

Tarun Khurana:  I believe in the expression of emotions, I am an expressive person myself. However, I don’t have a strong belief in Valentine’s Day because I think that the day is being used by brands and companies to sell their ideas and products , they just make extra bucks with this day. For expression of love, you don’t need a plethora of expensive gifts but a flower is sufficient to express your emotions.  

Adaa Khan: Love should not be confined to this day only and expression of love should persist. Express your feelings if you love someone, love is not a candy-floss but a matter of the heart. True love should be unconditional and forever. 

Arjun Bijlani: Its completely on people how they want to celebrate the people, they want to get swayed by brands promotional strategies for valentine or they do it in a subtle way. Marketing geniuses capitalize on this day as a tool to make more money. It’s perfectly fine for people to buy gifts for their loved ones. I am fine with the celebration of Vaentine’s Day. But I will be happy to see people to celebrate it whenever they deem fit.   

Vijay Narula

Vijay is an entropic traveller who keeps himself abreast with the developments in every nook and cranny of the world. He is a treasure trove of information about unexplored destinations and happenings in various parts of the world. He is a connoisseur of fashion and trends and keeps a tab on practically all the leading designers and fashion houses of the world. Styling for fashion shoots and magazines remains his forte. He has vast experience in fashion shoots and events and exceptional grasp over the language and has written extensively on fashion, travel and style trends etc. He makes an immensely valuable contribution to High On Persona

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