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TV Actors and their close and secret encounters with fans

TV Actors and their close and secret encounters with fans

Popularity of a film star or TV celebrity is measured from the no of fans he or she has, thier  power packed performance goes in vain, if not acknowledged or appreciated by fans. High on Persona spoke to the most successful and sough after stars from the world of Television on how their fans make them feel admired and special, how acknowledment of fans mean to them as  these stars happily shared their secret encounters with us while they get carried away with interesting fan experiences. 

Rohitashv Gour 

When your work becomes a hit it makes a good fan base and makes them connected to you. It makes us feel that we have done such great work that so many fans are connecting to us. Yes, fan following keeps you motivated and gives you a kick to perform better each and every day. Now I think my fans are loving my character of Manmohan Tiwari and I expect that they will shower the same love to any other characters that I play in the future. Fans make me realise that I have such talent that makes me different from others and it also arouses respect for the work I have done. So, my fans play a very important role in my life and I love my fans.

Shashank Vyas

Recently, on my birthday, many fans came to wish me with bucket-full of gifts. It was so good to receive so much love from them. It’s overwhelming too when you receive so much fan adulation from overseas and when people from abroad take out time to watch your show. The fans from abroad have made special efforts to buy things as gifts as per my taste and have also gifted me personalised collages.

My fans likeThilini, Nikita, Sheetal, Suvi, Nida, Sharmin and Bhawna follow me and express their unconditional love and affection time and again. Fans are very important in life as what we are today is because of them. We work day and night to create content for the audience and to entertain them. So, they are very important. I think fans adulation always motivates me to work harder. 

Ssharad Malhotra

The most interesting fan experience was when a cute little fan came to the sets to see me. She was 8-years-old and she came with her mother. And when I got to know that to make her eat food, her Mom plays my video, I was stunned. It’s great to receive such love from them. It’s great when you have such fans. Their adulation motivates us to work and they always give us a kick to perform in the best possible manner. So, fans are really important for me and what I am today is because of my fans.

Jasmin Bhasin 

I remember going to Amritsar with my friend and it was a very short trip and I didn’t want anybody to know I am in Amritsar. So I quietly covered my face and I was walking towards golden temple from my hotel as my hotel was very close to the Golden temple. I don’t know how but in a couple of seconds the crowd gathered and they recognised me. Everyone was so happy and overwhelmed to see me. My friend was so surprised and she had to act like a security guard as I was literally mobbed by people. But it was overwhelming to see such a lovely response from the public towards me.

Fans are really important as they make you feel special. Every day the first thing we see in the morning is social media are love and wishes from our fans. So they motivate me and I get a kick to perform better. I give good performances in return to the love and support they give me. 

Arjun Bijlani

One fan recently gifted me a star in my name. Another one keeps sending me flowers regularly. There is one lady who once called me stating that her son is refusing to eat till I talk to him. It was a different experience. The kid was really aware of my show and even spoke in my tone of dialogue delivery. It was amazing that a five-year-old was following my show regularly. 

Adulation is part of being an actor. It always feels good when your work is appreciated. Appreciation gives a kick to every person, not only actors.

Mohammad Nazim

The most interesting fan experience was when some fans of my character Ahem Modi from Saath Nibhana Sathiya came to the sets to meet me. They were very happy to see me and they clicked a lot of selfies. One fan also asked me to write my name on her hand. The most interesting thing was that they brought a beautiful collage of pics for me. It’s amazing to receive such adulation from fans. It always gives me a kick to perform better and better.

Divya Khanna

Divya Khanna is the youngest member of the team, with a background in political science. She has joined High on persona print magazine in order to gain hands-on experience in various aspects of editorial coordination as associate editor of the magazine and news site. She has a penchant for writing and enjoys meeting new people and interviewing celebrities. She has a passion for writing, she has an eye for details, loves traveling and a quick learner.

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