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True love redefined by Indian Television actors

True love redefined by Indian Television actors

Definition of true love has often been debated, described and misconstrued. For some true love is unconditional and its all about giving only, for some it’s about cherishing intense feelings towards someone to the extent of controlling someone. You can be in love driven by obsession or attraction which develops over a long period of time or you can simply fall in love at first sight. We spoke to popular Indian Television stars on the real meaning of being in love or true love. As we are doing news series on different days associated with Valentine’s day we spoke to these stars on kissing in public on kiss day, commercialization of Valentine day and the Bollywood stars they would like to hug on occasion of hug day. All these stars are rejoicing the festivity of valentines day and are soaked in the spirit of Valentine. Let’s find out how they construe true love. We even spoke to them on dealing with an obsessed lover. 

Shashank Vyas

Mutual understanding and affection are the essence of true love and True love should be based on these fundamentals. It is a matter of the heart. True love is a pure state where feelings should understand and respected too. Imposed or one-sided love can be a compromise only. Love can become an obsession as well. There is nothing called right or wrong. But love in its purest form can’t be termed as a mere obsession. You can definitely avoid obsessive lover by making things clear in the beginning only before he or she starts developing feelings for you. Say NO in the beginning only if you don’t want to see someone. Of course, a good conversation is a perfect start to melt any heart and it keeps a person connected. 

Ssharad Malhotra

True love is high on emotions where feelings do take centre stage and there is no room for being stubborn. It’s not about romantic words only and forced love on someone is a definite NO NO. When love becomes an obsession it takes a toll on your overall lifestyle and this even disturbs the life of the person you love. And when feelings are not reciprocated if further harms your prospects, so love should never be imposed. Matter of hearts can’t be judged. 

Shivin Narang

Life is without colour or flavour, its like food without salt if you are not in love. Love is a permanent feeling for someone your heart beats. Forced and one-sided love can never last forever. Just like a rubber band when overstretched beyond a point it breaks and hurts. Stay away from obsession which is like a disease. love should be handled with maturity and patience. Patience, care, understanding are essential principals for loving someone truly and trust remains the pillar of any relationship.

Mohammad Nasim

For me, true love is all about caring and being concern about the person you love, its about having trust and understanding in the one you have chosen for yourself. It’s about giving space and freedom to the persona you love. Accept the person with flaws and don’t try to change the person. You can’t be selfish in love hence you can’t force yourself in love. Obsession cannot be termed as true love, its like you are trying to control someone and having your say. Keep a safe distance and draw the line before it gets out of control.

Khalid Siddiqui

Love is the purest form of emotion and matter of the heart. Valentine is just another good day to express your love but love needs to be expressed regularly. A caring and understanding nature surely nurtures a relationship and makes it strong. 

Vijay Narula

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