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Tinaa Dattaa and Rashami Desai bond in Goa! Exclusive Tete-a-tete with Tinaa Datta

Tinaa Dattaa and Rashami Desai bond in Goa! Exclusive Tete-a-tete with Tinaa Datta

There is nothing better than finding some time off to hang out with a friend. What makes that even more perfect is to do this at an exotic place, right? Well! Actor Tinaa Dattaa was in for such a treat during her recent trip to Goa. The actor was there for a work event and ended up bumping into her friend actor Rashami Desai and the two had a blast. Both had worked together in Uttaran and have been popular A list artists since then.

“Basically, we had gone to Goa for an event. It was someone’s wedding. It was fun meeting Rashu after so long. We had so much fun. In the flight also we kept chatting like chatterboxes and had so much to talk about. We had dinner together,” says Tinaa.

In an era of Supernatural shows and on her role in Daayan – Tinaa Dattaa

Well, that’s a day well spent right and both would make for casting coup if cast together again in a TV  soap as the leading ladies, are the producers listening. Tinaa Dattaa was last seen in the supernatural  Serial “Daayan” that got overwhelming response from audience, But the love she received for her character Ichcha in Utran serial remains most memorable till date, High on Persona had an opportunity to speak to Tinaa Dattaa on various issues including her forthcoming projects and matters of National security thats being the talk of entire country now da days. Here are excertps from the Interview.

Whats your take on Banning Pakistani Film Stars ?

Pulwama was the black day for us and I do support the move of banning Pakistani artists in the Indian entertainment industry. We have abundance of talent in India who are seeking and aspiring to make it big in entertainment industry. Hence I believe we shall not export artists from Pakistan.We are only asking for banning pakistani artists and not muslim artists. I cant see any Indian actor getting offers, roles a chance or respect in Pakistan.

Your show Daayan is becoming immensely popular, how do you feel about it ?

I am liking it beyond anything right now, the kind of feedback i am receiveing from the show is really very inspiring . I am so surprised

that the supernatural drama is actually flourishing and impressing everyone, its spreading its colours and audience are simple hooked to the show..

Would you like to share any interesting experience of encounter with any of your fan?

Well not one particular indident but I would like to say that love and admiration I am recieving from all my fans is simply admirable.

I am often moved to see beautiful fan pages, the way they are managed with  beautiful versions of their edited videos with beautiful songs are amazing. So its wonderful to receive such unfathomable love from the fans.

How was your work experience with queen of television Ekta Kapoor ?

Ekta is truely darling of Indian Tele World and everyone desires to work with her including me. I  have really felt  great to associate with her. She is one of the most creative producers of the industry and her work is simply outstanding, there is something unique about it.

How is your equation with Mohit has evolved now  ?

I dont have any problem working Mohit, we have resolved our differences , I feel our on screen chemistry works excellently for the show and we shall maintain a very cordial working environment for better outcome of the show, I have felt elated that the show has received constant love and admiration from the viewers.

Ajay Arora

Ajay Arora is a successful entrepreneur, tech-savvy, and ardent traveller, he is a multifaceted personality. He has travelled to various domestic and international destinations and is an engineer by education. He is on the panel of High on Persona Magazine with a specific intention of advising to guide us to cater to our readers in a holistic manner covering a plethora of subjects, He has penchant for writing and loves to write on technology.

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