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Bollywood actress Tanisha Mukerji reports racism

Tanishaa Mukherji: Instagram

Bollywood stars have often reported matters of discrimination and racism while they are traveling to international destinations. Many big stars of Indian film and TV industry had harrowing time mostly at the international airports of different countries. The new name is added to the long list is Bollywood actress Tanisha Mukerji, Actor has reported facing the burnt of Racism this week, she has revealed in a report that during her visit with her friends to a restaurant in the US for attending the CRY America charity gals a man passed insensitive comments.

 “I don’t understand what triggered it as I was polite, but he turned rude. One of the employees, an African-American, said that we looked as if we were fresh off the boat and couldn’t speak English. That was insulting and blatantly racist. My friends and I were shocked. It’s traumatic to experience this kind of racism in the US; I have never faced it earlier,” she informed (Source Mid-Day) To report the matter she even approached the hotel authorities but no help was forthcoming. “I told them to call the cops, but they refused to do so,” she said.

Tanisha Mukerji remains a known name in Bollywood and was last seen in of Big Boss house, during her stint in Big Boss, a reality Tv show she was very popular with the audience, she also participated in Khatron Ke Khiladi two years ago. Her last Bollywood movie was Ramgopal Verma’s movie Sarkar.

Tanisha is not the only Bollywood celebrity who has come out openly in reporting the way she faced racism before her many Bollywood stars have Gone through almost similar experiences and they have gone public while criticizing it. Some time back renowned Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty also faced racism and had alleged racist behavior by the staff of an airline at Sydney airport. She experienced racism and shared it on her Instagram too and also said that the treatment to a customer of color is different and hence needs to be called out. She wrote, ‘At the check-in counter met a grumpy #Mel (that’s her name) who decided it was ‘OK’ to speak curtly to ‘US’ (brown people!) traveling together, I was flying business and had two bags and she insisted and decided my half-empty Duffel bag was oversized (to check in!).” Shilpa asked her followers “whether it is oversized or not”.

During same week actress Richa Chadha also shared news of experiencing racist behave or on Twitter while she was leaving Georgia. She wrote, “Meta racist af officer at the passport control while exiting Georgia. Slammed my passport on the desk, twice… muttered under her breath in Georgian, yelled and asked me to hurry. Sad that people like her are the last ones we perhaps see on exiting the country.” 

Baadshah of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan also face a harrowing experience and found himself facing a similar situation at airport security, he was even detained at the international airport because of his surname. Incident took place at Newark Liberty International airport. He faced this experience thrice at the airport, in Los Angeles airport too. Shahrukh had tweeted, “Whenever I start feeling too arrogant about myself, I always take a trip to America. The immigration guys kick the star out of stardom.”

Very talented actor, Irrfan Khan who has appeared in many Hollywood movies was detained twice at the US airports at Los Angeles in 2008 and at New York in 2009. “It’s humiliating. They don’t even disclose the reason. Actually, I don’t use my surname Khan in films, but in passports, surname and religion are required. I was stopped not once, but several times at airports in the US,” He revealed.

Actress Minissha Lamba’s passport was confiscated and she was threatened to deport back, on her arrival at the Dubai International Airport an official was rude enough to ask her to ‘shut up and sit down.” “Since I didn’t remember my hotel-booking reference details, I asked an individual waiting for me outside the airport for the details. When I tried showing the details on my phone, the officer blew his top off and started to yell,” she said.

Actor Aamir Khan’s experience was quite humiliating at Chicago airport, matter turned ugly as the star was detained and strip-searched.

In 2002, Aamir Khan was asked to stop at the Chicago airport for interrogation. Things went really serious when he was not only detained but also strip searched.

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