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Tinaa Dattaa: In an era of Supernatural shows and on her role in Daayan

In an era of Supernatural shows and on her role in Daayan – Tinaa Dattaa

At a time when Indian tele-viewing is changing its colours and viewers are getting the freedom to choose their channels, there seems to be a flood of programmes on superstitious or supernatural characters. Indian TV scenario is inundated with witches, fairies and ghosts and many others excepting real human beings. According to recent reports it seems recent serial ‘Daayan’ is most happening show amongst the other Hindi soaps.


We spoke to Tinaa Dattaa ( Uttran fame ) , the actress of serial, who is playing a pivotal role in this serial about her experience and observations. Speaking to High on Persona, about her role she said it is very challenging to play two characters in the same serial because the look changes, makeup changes and the dialogues change. Hence the actor has to put in double the efforts to perform in one single serial. Though, she says that her character in the serial doesn’t have any resemblance to real personality. Tinaa Dattaa also said that the work pressure also increases as at a certain point of time you have to completely portray both of the characters. “It becomes really difficult to complete work at times. But it’s good to take up challenging roles and experiment with them,” she says, she is however enjoying performing it.

On asking her if she feels relatable to any of the characters positive or negative in the show, she said , “I actually don’t relate to the character as it’s a supernatural fiction series. It’s all about Daayans and supernatural powers. So, I don’t relate to it.”


Meanwhile, the buzz had it that the serial which is aired twice a week currently might be coming three times a week. However, the actor refuted it and said, “Honestly, it’s a rumor. Nothing has been confirmed as of now. I am really happy with it being a biweekly show. I don’t want it to go triweekly as the pressure will be too much then. Right now, we really have to put much effort to deliver episodes bi-weekly as there is so much of action and drama,” she added. 


However, unlike Tinaa Dattaa the audience would love to see more from the show,“The feedback is really nice. I am getting a good response from family, friends and the audience. The supernatural drama is spreading its colors and the audience is enjoying it,” she further added.

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