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Rithvik Dhanjani: Basking in the glory of success

Basking in the success of Glory: Rithvik Dhanjani

From Dubai to Mumbai, It has been a tumultuous journey for the multifaceted and multitalented Rithvik Dhanjani. Today, he is one of the most sought after anchors in entertainment industry and has several dimensions to his personality. He started off as a marketing professional but found his true calling in the world of entertainment. He remains an accomplished dancer as well as an exceptional orator. One can say he has his fingers in several pies. However, he feels that this is just the beginning of his career and he remains confident of reaching greater heights this year. He was recently in the capital to promote the highly popular show Super Dancer, when we met him for an exclusive conversation. He spoke on wide range of subjects including his passion for travelling, music, his daily routine, fitness mantra, the diet he follows and important facets concerning with his work and life.

Q. Off late you have been busy doing anchoring shows over tv serials, is this deliberate move?

It’s not like that. Actually, the idea is that right now I’m basically leaned more towards anchoring as I feel that the scripts that I am being offered are not up to my expectations. I am not doing this under anyone’s influence but it’s my own choice. So, my only reason of not returning back to television is that there hasn’t been anything that is exciting and in particular make me go crazy. I think we should not step into anything just for the sake of people saying you to do it. But rather one should be involved into things which appeals you the most. So, I have not found any script which has challenged or inspired me to do it. But, now finally we are in 2019 and I’m working on something, this year is definitely going to be massive for me.

Q. Please tell us about trajectory of your career in anchoring?

I started with Indias Best Dramebaaz in 2013 or 2014, I’m not exactly sure but yes from about 4-5 years. And with super dancer its my third season.

Q. How much does Ayushmann Khurana inspire you with his career choices?

Actually, lot of people inspire me its not just one but yes Ayush is a great guy like he is so talented with everything he does with his singing, with the choice of films that he is doing and the work which he has done. So yes, I mean lot of them actually inspire me and its not just him but so many of them and I think it’s an inspiration that comes from them which makes me go like yes you know let’s just do it.

Q. Wedding season is on, when can we expect wedding bells ringing for you?

From today only, if someone asks me this question, I simply say ‘Next Question’ because I’m super tired of answering this question. You all will know when it will take place. It’s just that I want to keep that separate and my work separate and let’s see when we get those wedding bells. So, I just want to keep it low.

Q. You along with Karan Wahi were in Rome recently, can you share your experience for Indian Travellers?

Yes, I think Rome is a very beautiful city. There were so many experiences and is historically rich. The preservation of their culture is so strong that in the middle of the city you have a 2000 old building, not only Colosseum, the national attraction but I’m talking about even churches and architectural pieces of art which have been made in the medieval times like years ago and they are still static and beautiful along with being maintained so well.

Q. Did you feel that language was a barrier in Rome?

No, language problem was not there as English was quite common in Italy. Yes, Italians are beautiful human beings. Shockingly, they were not considering us (Karan and I) Indians, they thought we were from Rome only (laughs).

Q. What do you think about role of reality shows in shaping future of talented kids, like Super Dancer?

See, I don’t know about these kinds, I know about Super Dancer. I think Super Dancer has extreme large bandwidth of opportunity providing to these young kids in India because I think it’s the only platform which lets the kids of our country explore dancing so much that today you can actually see a boy of 8 years old to perform things that we could have not even imagined. Boys like Tejas, Saksham, Vaibhav and Gaurav are extremely talented. This platform has given such zeal to young kids that they just once want to be a part of Super Dancer like a girl who has been giving auditions from three years and now has finally made it to top 12. So, I’m assuming that this is going to be bigger and larger. The main part is they learn. It is just as Gurukul for these kids. As you are trained under professional choreographers, so new things are going to be introduced very soon like out of the box.

Q. How frequently do you travel?

A lot like a lot of travel and I love travelling. And I don’t think it’s ever stressful. Lot of people feel the stress but I don’t, I just simply enjoy it.

Q. Any tips for travelling light?

You know I’m the lightest traveller. I keep everything in my luggage, I don’t carry hand bags. I never had this necessity of carrying handbags unless and until there is something very important like if I’m on a long flight I’ll carry my bag pack apart from that nothing.

Q. What are your favourite brands in bags, sneaker wear and athleisure?

See I am a huge fan of Adidas basically it’s sneakers. I also prefer Pull&bear and Balenciaga. I don’t really like too many brands as such but just a few which is not coming in my head but my usual go to wear is Zara, that’s for everyone I guess.

Q. Any Indian Designer that you prefer all the time for your shows and events?

Not anyone particularly, but I think I like or prefer working with creative individuals in terms of style rather than designers. Like different stylists because I’m little maniac when it comes to permutation and combination of clothes so, I maintain it with different people. We kind of have a team which sits together but I don’t stick to one particular designer. There are times when I collaborate with two different designers and make one look out of it.

Q. Tell us about your gym regime, are you also bitten by Pilates bug?

Yes, I go to Praveen Nair’s gym for workout. He has worked really hard on my body. I have seen really good results after associating with him. I would also like to tell you that I am a big Pilates boy. It is good for one’s body, muscles and core.

Q. What is your take on burgeoning trend of replacing meals with protein shakes?

See at the end of the day it’s about what you feel right for yourselves. It’s advisable for people, like there’s no problem in it as it’s a great supplement but ideally it’s a great mixture of natural ingredients and food items which you should have in your diet.

Q. Which protein shake/powder do you prefer?

See if you are telling me to suggest then I can’t suggest in that case but I usually support isopure as it is available in both low/no carb.

Do you follow beauty regime or visit spa on regular basis?

Nothing at all. It’s just that I go home see Asha Negi and ask her what I have to do. She tells me what all to apply. She gives me all these masks, creams, aloe Vera packs etc. I think grooming is very important for men as well and I really look up to my girlfriend Asha for it. Like I would not know, there are different sorts of clean up for our skin, hair or face which are truly unbelievable. So, I just end up asking Asha what’s happening down these days, what’s working.

Q. We saw you in IGT, tell us about your experience of working with Karan Johar, Malaika Arora and Kirron kher and Bharti as well ?

I’ve had an amazing time over there. Like I had gone mad on the show. I did some really crazy stuff (laughs). And yes, nothing was scripted it was all genuinely happening as you can see everyone’s reaction. I had got to know so much more as an anchor over there. With Karan, I’ve already worked so many times.

With Malaika and Kirron ji it was my first time and Malaika is a beautiful human being, she has got a heart of gold and Kirron ji is so knowledgeable as she helped us with so much things on the set. So, it was great to be on a show like that. Seriously I’ve grown up watching that show.

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