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Sahil Khattar rock as an anchor in Sunday Dhamaal!

Sahil Khattar as Syed Kirmani in 83 the film. Ranveer Singh as Kapil Dev
A WWE show – despite the fact that it is gory – always garners good TRP. Sunday Dhamal us no exception. Ever since it was launched, it’s viewership has seen an upward swing. For Sahil Khattar, the host of the show it is like reliving his childhood memories.”As a kid I used to watch WWE when The Rock would rule the show. I was so fond of him that after growing up I started playing the WWE SmackDown Game on PlayStation. So for me, it is a great feeling to host it.” Kofi and Xavier  recently appeared in the episode, on being asked how was the experience he says, “The New Day are biggest in WWE right now,  the kids love them because they are very colorful. All three are very entertaining. The best thing about all three Kofi Kingston,  Xavier Woods And Big E is that they are such fabulous entertainers that you already know it that they are so warm in person, you know that they are superb as entertainers and as performers.  The New Day is a Paisa Wasool trio , look at their dancing skills,  speech,  wrestling,  their presentation , I don’t feel there is any better trio than WWE. The experience with them was magnanimous,  all three are them are thorough professionals and they all were doing so good at a point of time that I felt like I went into their world inspite of them coming into mine.  So I had to up my game and then I understood that is the level that I should achieve. I have learned so much from all three and have understood much more about WWE. The episode turned out to be amazing,  its funny, we made them eat gulab jamuns and laddu and many more moments which were really funny”. He further adds, “It was full bro – bonding happening on set. If I was in the awe of their warmth and professionalism, they were in the awe of my mustache , they kept on calling me ‘Bavadi mooch’ that I felt like Nathulaal. The fact that they were laughing at my jokes,  they made me believe in myself more,  it’s surprising how humor has no barrier , its just the language that you need to communicate in. Its just the sign language or it can be words,  the fact that we got each other and they found it funny was the best experience”.
Unbelievable it may sound, but WWE is the second most watched sport after Cricket. Khattar echoes the statement and says, “the show is watched by youngsters in their twenties and even kids. It’s a really popular sport. The events are really well planned and executed.”Little wonder that his own fame is skyrocketing.
Vijay Narula

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