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Pooja Hegde gets shot by Academy Award winner Robert Richardson!

Pooja Hegde gets shot by Academy Award winner Robert Richardson!

Actor Pooja Hegde is a fine example of an artist who has commercial and critical success in her film career. The talented actress who is currently creating waves in the South with her back to back hit projects and is gearing up for her next big Bollywood release – Housefull 4- was recently left awestruck on the sets of her next South Indian project Valmiki. Three time Academy Award-winning cinematographer Robert Richardson, while on his trip to India, landed upon the sets of the film, where he happened to meet Pooja.

What happened next became a lifelong memory for the actress. Richard decided to roll his camera and take a couple of shots of Pooja, something that other actresses only dream of.

Talking about her magical experience, Hegde says “I’ve absolutely loved his work and I’m a very big fan. After watching Hugo on screen, I think ‘wow what amazing cinematography’, I cannot even describe the feeling. I feel privileged because this is the man who has shot with directors like Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino and he’s now on our set rolling a shot for us. It’s such a privileged life,”

Hegde happily further reveals, “I’m so glad that I’m the one who’s in the frame and I got this opportunity. I just think that he’s one of the cinematographers who really like gives us a variety in terms of like Inglorious Bastards look so different from a Hugo, Shutter Day was also one my favorite films. I just think it’s hard to believe sometimes that the same person has done Hugo then done shutter island. He’s just so talented & you can see why he’s won three Oscars. He’s shot most of the iconic films.”

Spilling more beans about meeting Richardson, Hegde goes on to add “I think he’s a really fun person. He’s so vocal about his opinions and is really funny. His sense of humor is really great. I think the most memorable thing for me is that he just rolled a shot. I mean he’s the man who has just shot with Margot Robbie and now I’m the next girl in front of his camera. That’s amazing, from Margot Robbie to me. He’s the one who just shot with Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt for Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, he normally is like ‘Leo just move a little right of the camera’ and now he was like ‘Pooja move little right of the camera’. I think that’s pretty much part of the Industry and you’ve grown up watching films  and his films that’s quite an iconic moment for me.”  

Divya Khanna

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