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In an Era of ‘Politically Inspired’ movies, Get set to watch another biopic, Gadkari.

In an Era of ‘Politically Inspired’ movies, Get set to watch another biopic, Gadkari.

We are truly rejoicing the era of watching movies based on the life of towering political personalities. Adding to the tally and joining the bandwagon of ‘politically inspired’ movies another biopic ‘GADKARI’ is all set to be released in March.

Trailer of the movie was recently made public via social media by makers of the movie. Anurag Bhusari, Nagpur based Director of the film claims to have taken a balanced stand on the life of the minister.

Elections are around the corner and movies like Accidental Prime Minister, Thackery and now Gadkari are raising public concern and curiosity because of the time off. But Anurag Bhusari looks unfazed and refutes this by saying that the movie is not propaganda and merely chronicles facts.
The trailer of the movie was recently released on YouTube while informing PTI Anurag said the film takes a balanced stand on the life of the minister. Lately, there have been a number of biopics (on politicians) where people said they were like propaganda. But what I can assure the audience is that I have only shown the facts,” he added.

Very recently seasoned actor Anupam Kher had essayed the role of Ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Accidental Prime Minister, the movie drew severe criticism from the Congress, the party at the helm of affairs then. The movie unveiled ten years of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s office while ‘Thackeray‘ presented and depicted Shiv Sena founder Bal Thackeray’s roaring journey that worked towards glorifying all his actions taken during his illustrious regime.

Vivek Oberoi’s scheduled movie based on the life of Prime Minister also remains the most anticipated movie and the shooting of a movie which is underway. Vivek Happens to be a star performer of Bollywood and multitalented actor. This is to be seen how he does justice to the role while essaying Character of Mr Narendra Modi, A heavyweight political personality whose life is a fascinating story of struggle and glory.

Coming back to Gadkari, he is believed and said to be one of the top performers of Modi Government. Nitin Gadkari has an acute mass following and enjoys immense popularity among the Indian masses. Makers have roped in Rahul Chopda as lead cast to play the role of Gadkari.

 It took about six months of research for Anurag before he took a final call to direct ‘GADKARI’. He began work on the project in September 2018 with a crew of 20 people.

The movie has been Shot in Nagpur and made by crowdfunding, as informed by Anurag, He adds that the decision was taken to avoid interference with facts.

“It would have been easy to take a single producer, there were people who were ready to invest in the name of the protagonist but I thought it’ll be better if we make it as a crowd-funded film because then I have the liberty to make it my way.

“If I had taken a single producer, there would have been a political influence or I would have been asked to make changes in the script. So crowdfunding was difficult, but the right process.”

On asking if due permission was sought from Mr Nitin Gadkari he said, “We never asked him for permission but I had a conversation with his wife Kanchan Gadkari and we met his childhood friend.

“He might have been aware of the film but I never had a word with him.” Gadkari, the movie will be released on YouTube before March 5.

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