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Stand on the street enacted at Navras 2019

Stand on the street enacted at Navras 2019, Jaipur

As a part of the 8th day of ‘Navras 2019’ – the ongoing performing arts festival, play ‘Stand on the Street’ directed by Aruna Ganesh Ram was staged. The performance was an immersive piece inspired by conversations with street chefs and interest in food and culture. Observations, encounters, and realizations have been crafted into performance characters that the audience were able to experience. The play was set along the bustling streets that are the arteries of any town where busy hands feed hungry tummies. The central theme of the play is that food on the street can be a fascinating experience which is noisy yet satisfying simple and cooked with care as well as flavourful yet staple.

During the play, the audience relished various street food delicacies like — Momos, Litti Chokha, Paan, Bhel Puri, Jal Jeera, among others. The audience became a part of the play as they engaged with the actors by answering their questions and interacting with them via dialogue. The music of the play featured sounds typically heard on the streets. The cast of the play included – Anjana Balaji and Aditya Garg (Performers) and Natasha Sharma (Environment Design). The soundscape of the play has been done by MT Aditya.

‘Shunya Se’ by Vikram Iyengar

‘Shunya Se’ by Vikram Iyengar is a journey through the grammar and specific principles of movement of Kathak as a dance form. The performance also aimed to maintain, extend and challenge the assumptions Kathak is based on. The concept of the dance follows the elements that make up the universe like – space: Shunya, fire: Agni, and Prithvi: earth. These elements also resonate within the human body. The elements of Kathak and the universe fuse together in a growing, morphing, an evolving conversation which is created and spoken through the dancing body.  

 The cast of the performance included – Debashree Bhattacharya, Sohini Debnath, Samila Bhattacharya, Somdatta Banerjee. The original music of the play has been given by Subhagata Singha and Siddhartha Bhatacharyya and light design has been done by Sudip Sanyal.

 Tomorrow will be the concluding day of ‘Navras 2019’. The day will begin with a soulful ‘Morning Raaga’ by Chhannu Lal Mishra at 8 am at JKK Lawns. This will be followed by ‘Meet the Artist’ with Vikram Iyengar at 12 noon at the Conference Room. At 4.30 pm, rehearsed reading ‘Hamari Amrita’ by Rasika will be held at JKK Lawns. The day will conclude with a musical fusion concert with Ram Sampath and Rajasthan All-Stars at 6.30 pm at Madhyawarti.

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