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Kesari – A tale of incredible courage and valour

Kesari -- A tale of incredible courage and valour

It is a time when the air is thick with nationalism. Every dimension of everyday life has suddenly become intrinsically intertwined with nationalistic fervor and Hindi movies are no exception.
Akshay Kumar has been encashing the jingoistic fervor to his heart’s content for quite some time now. He has almost perfected the art. He is doing the same in Kesari – appealing to the viewer’s nationalistic sentiments.
Kesari, produced by Zee Studios and Dharma Productions, two of the largest production houses in the country, has a massive canvas. The movie is directed by Anurag Singh and has a star cast, apart from Akshay, Parineeti Chopra, and Anurag Singh.
The film is based on a true incident in which 21 Sikh soldiers fought against a thousand marauders. Parineeti provides the romantic angle in the plot. The story pans out against the panoramic view of rugged mountains and amazing deserts.
The movie per se is loaded with valor and stunning battle scenes. Akshay looks rather good in the movie portraying a warrior Sikh. There is a tinge of religion in the story though the other aspects of the story are highly exaggerated as is the won’t of Hindi movies.
However, the film is expected to generate a robust response at the box office with the prevalent atmosphere in the country. The movie is slated to hit the theatres on March 21 with only a few weeks before the parliamentary polls which may play on the psyche of the viewers.
The official trailer of Kesari has already piqued the elements of curiosity. The trailer has already been viewed by almost four million movie buffs and still counting. One can safely assume that it will break a few financial records once it releases in the theatres.

Anjana Kumari

Anjana loves to read and write about Bollywood, health and lifestyle news.

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