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Direct and Exclusive | Karan Wahi: Going Full throttle

Karan Wahi going full throttle High on persona

World of entertainment remains mired with stiff competition and making a debut here remains an unpredictable and tricky proposition, It can either propel a newcomer to a pinnacle of success overnight or it might take a few years of hard work for an actor to prove his credentials and taste success. For cricketer turned actor Karan Wahi success has not been a cinch, he always believed in traversing the path of hard work with virtues of perseverance and dedication, rather than taking short cuts on the way to success. His charisma has captivated the audiences and he remains a youth icon for millions of his fans who are swooning over his good looks and characteristics involving fitness goals that he sets and travel fascinations, his ever-growing popularity and list of followers on Instagram is proving just that. Karan Wahi was recently hosting a travel based reality show ‘love ok please’, the travel based show involved a lot of traveling in Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala and Manali. And as a travel enthusiast, he reaped the greatest advantage while working for the show. Barkha Arora sat down for a rare in-depth interview with most loved entertainer as he opened up about his personal and professional sides involving his future ventures, fitness and diet secrets, travel inspirations and food fascinations.

Q. How often do you play the role of wingman/Cupid in real life, the way you are doing  in the show Love Ok Please?

Karan Wahi: Well, in real life I don’t do that,  as I feel there is no need to play cupid to anyone. All my close friends are busy giving me stiff competition in the department of singlehood. All of them are already committed and taken …LOL

Q. Your recent show ‘ Love Ok Please’ requires a lot of travel  and otherwise too traveling remains part of your job, under such circumstances how do you manage to remain fit and take care of a set diet regime?

Karan Wahi: I believe motivation to remain fit has to come from within, its like a pattern embedded in you, It has to be a part of your lifestyle. No matter how busy you become or how much you travel nothing should deviate you from that pattern of discipline. And with the passage of time, you get to understand your own body and the same works for me whether I am in exotic destinations or traveling towards mountains. 

Q. Are you a travel buff, how often do you travel  and which all destinations have you covered?

Karan Wahi: Yes, I love to travel  a lot and last three years my itinerary remained choc block as traveling is an integral part of my work assignments too,  there is not any specific wish list for picking a traveling destination as I believe in exploring the best of any destination and my passion for traveling led me to travel  widely across length and breadth of India and abroad.  My itinerary doesn’t allow me to let the grass grow under my feet. 

Q. Which international destination you love the most and please elucidate about the ethos of the same?

Karan Wahi: For me, Dubai has always remained close to my heart. The fusion of modern and tradition ethnicity attracts me repeatedly towards the city, it is the intersection of different cultures in terms of food and fashion, beaches on one side and desserts on the other side offering the best of both worlds.  I like the exuberance of the place.  I have my family also there so it is an add on for me.  I have been there zillions of times and Dubai still beckons me. 

Q. Any other international destination after Dubai?

Karan Wahi: Yes, Spain is another great place to visit, I love the historical charm strewn around the city and grandeur in terms of beautiful cathedrals and monuments, Spain is splendid and traveling remains a sheer bliss. On one side Barcellona for beaches and Madrid for city life replete with historical monuments and museums for the art connoisseurs and on the other side for the party lovers Ibiza is a top destination for partying.  Recently I was there with my close friends and crew which added to the fun and excitement.

Q. Please share tips on traveling light and traveling smart?

Karan Wahi: I am not the right person to put up this question as I don’t believe in traveling light..( laughs), I go with entire paraphernalia and conglomeration of things be it clothes, accessories or the toiletries. I carry things liberally.

Q. What lies in your travel bag?

Karan Wahi: Credit cards , Passports are on the top of all and athleisure, casuals, formals, accessories like shades, watches, fragrances, shoes. The list is endless.

Q. What are  the best characteristic of Delhi that you admire the most?

Karan Wahi: Delhi is Delhi, I find Delhi more vibrant and colorful. It’s a cosmopolitan city that has the ethos of Punjabi cultures predominantly one side and rustic and plebeian way of life due to the influence of periphery o Haryana and Up. This city holds historical relevance and significance, lot many monuments remind you of the Moghul era, its wider roads, huge playgrounds, greenery, open space, and weather make this city even more attractive. food is definitely incredible here and no other place can match up to gastronomy of Delhi.

Q. Athleisure, formal or casual dressing what suits you the best?

Karan Wahi: I can’t say what suits me best but I prefer casuals over any other form of clothing.

Q. Do you have a fetish for brands, if yes than Which is your favorite high-end brand?

Karan Wahi: I am not hooked to a specific brand or you can say I am not a brand conscious guy, I believe more in comfort over being brand savvy, I love to wear according to my personality and whatever suits me.

Q. Do you prefer any Indian Designer?

Karan Wahi: Yes Indian designers are a treasure-trove of potential, I admire the creativity and finesse they present through their collections, I love a lot of them and can’t name any one designer.

Q. Sneakers or Formal shoes? 

Karan Wahi: It’s always sneakers for me like I said any brand makes me look nice.

Q. Being a Denizen of Mumbai but Delhite by Heart do you miss the food of Delhi, especially Punjabi cuisine in Mumbai?

Karan Wahi: Yes, in in the beginning it was tough but now after  spending 15 years in Mumbai  I have adapted to the taste buds and palate of Mumbai, my taste preferences have evolved with time,  besides I have a brilliant cook who doesn’t let me miss the cuisine of Delhi now.

Q. Is returning back to TV serials on the cards again for you? It’s a long wait for your fans to see you essaying roles of protagonists like Dr. Siddhant Modi or Ranvir Sisodia. 

Karan Wahi: Well, I am glad that they still want me back, as an actor I definitely, want to do versatile roles and different mediums do excite me. Currently I am doing a lot on the web and definitely if in between time permits and something concrete materializes, I will be open to doing it.

Q. Any movie in the offing?

Karan Wahi: As I am busy shooting for web so that can only happen after this finishes.

Q. Any crush in Bollywood?

Karan Wahi: Well, different people have different interpretations now a days for crush, so I don’t think so. 

Q. How was the reaction of your fans after Hate Story 4?

Karan Wahi: I received an overwhelming response to my role in the movie and I am glad that people admired my work, the movie did well and songs were instant hit. 

Q. You are known as a sports buff and used to train cricket professionally, Do you still pursue any sport now, keeping your tight schedule in mind?

Karan Wahi: Yes, I still play cricket and soccer, I make time for them as they are excellent stress busters and keep you healthy and kicking.

Q. What is your fitness regime?

Karan Wahi: Love to work out at least thrice a week, I play a sport once a week and relax, in short, I don’t stress about fitness anymore. 

Q.Do you take/advice any protein shake?

Karan Wahi: I think it’s synthetic but protein is surely necessary for your body, the protein we get from our daily course of the meal  is never copious, In the Indian diet, protein the component is relatively less so anyone who wants to build muscles taking protein becomes a necessity. 

Q.  Do you follow any particular diet regime like Keto, Paleo? Do you count calories before eating or are you one of those blessed souls, who could eat anything and get away without getting affected by that?

Karan Wahi: I simply can’t do diets, I don’t understand them at all. So I enjoy everything I eat, But I take care of portion size and eat in moderation. For me diet has to be a blend of nutrition and taste. 

 Q. How often do you take grooming sessions, how important is it for men?

Karan Wahi: Its as important as fitness, like women men also should groom themselves without feeling embarrassed about it, hygiene remains an important part of that. 

Q. A message you would like to leave for your fans through High on Persona?  

Karan Wahi: Yes, I would like to thank them for their immense love and admiration, they have loved me for 15 years and I can say that for another five years I will keep entertaining them. 

The shoot exclusively belongs to High On Persona Magazine. Shoot was conceptualised by Barkha Arora (Editor) and Divya Khanna (Associate Editor), Hair and Make up were done by Purnima Goyal (Silverine), Pictures were clicked by Rajvir Saini. Location Partner was Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi.

We would also like to extend our thanks to the team of Mx Player. 

Barkha Arora

She has been there and done that. After graduating from Delhi University she completed her diploma in Journalism from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Delhi. Down the line, she completed her internship with National Herald and Akshar Bharat, multilingual newspapers successfully and went on to Join Mainline Business daily, Business Standard newspaper. She has also dabbled in image management and brand consultancy. Apart from being a prolific writer on lifestyle entertainment, lifestyle, travel and politics remain her forte.

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