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Kabir Singh remains undefeated champion at box office

Kabir Singh remains undefeated champion at box office

It’s been a month since actor Shahid Kapoor’s Midas touch to Kabir Singh got the cash registers ringing at the box office. Although other big-budget films also released in the following week, it didn’t have any impact on this Shahid Kapoor blockbuster.

Ever since Kabir Singh’s release, there have been four to five big releases at the box office but the larger than life impact of Kabir Singh stands tall even after a month of its release. The film achieved a great feat since it released on a non-holiday week with footfalls increasing in astonishing numbers.

Despite a large number of shows being blocked for other films, it did not stop Kabir Singh’s dream run at the box office.

Kabir Singh had crossed an awe-inspiring milestone in the first seven days itself with earning Rs 134.42 crore. While many films generally lose their hold at the box office in the second week, Kabir Singh held its own with bringing the collection of Rs 78.78 crore to the makers, making it a total of Rs 213.2 crore. Shahid Kapoor is enjoying the best phase of his career as Kabir Singh, the biggest hit of 2019, is a force only getting stronger at the box office even after one month of its release.

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