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Jim Sarbh looked dreamy in Siddharta Tytler’s Shadow at LMIFW

Jim Sarbh looked dreamy in Siddharta Tytler's Shadow at LMIFW

Amongst monochromatic hues and the lights dimming down on the floor, walked down the gorgeous models flaunting the black and the hues we never thought black could be embodied in, in Siddharta Tytler’s show. They were edgy, casual and oh so dreamy.

While our eyes couldn’t get off over the McDreamy set, walked down our very own McSteamy, Jim Sarbh, casually strutting down the runway in black, looking like he could go for a run but also stop to steal your breath away in a glance. Sarbh is no stranger to fashion shows and him being the star of them, but in this, he looked like a star, and we wish, he and I, were simple #MadeInHeaven (Jim Sarbh’s recent show). Sarbh owned the stage and honestly, we think it’s time we tell him how our hearts do Khalibali seeing him on stage. But while Sarbh was the store, the lead was none other than Tyler’s craft. Tyler makes you look classy and so desirable in the most unconventional clothes, that you definitely have to give the guy some credit for bringing the latent to our eyes, and honestly, let’s just give him more time to work things in his favour and be the Zoya Akhtar of fashion (yes, we’re obsessed with #MadeInHeaven).

Jim Sarbh said that the outfit by Siddharta Tylter made him feel like ‘Black Panther’. For him the dress was a combination of athleisure meeting the high-end fashion.

Corporate yet comfortable remained the theme of Siddharta Tytler’s collection. Siddharta named his collection ‘Shadow’. The collection was really in the shade of shadows with black, navy blue and olive tan comprising as the major colour of the collection in different fabrics like knits, neoprene, velvet and nets. This was his Autumn Winter 2019 collection showcased at LMIFW by the Fashion Design council of India.

Ajay Arora

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