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Starting at 11 years of age, gradual rise of Jaggy Singh in music industry

Jaggy Singh

The music industry has given wings to many unconventional, sometimes under-rated but talented singers. However, becoming a star singer isn’t an easy task. One has to undergo extensive training and knowledge of music to become a renowned singer. One such star is Jaggy Singh who has made it in the industry. Jaggy Singh, born in Punjab and now settled in Canada, is a rising urban Punjabi singer and model.

Interested in music from a young age, Jaggy discovered his passion for music at the age of 11. Since then, he has been practicing Indian instruments like harmonium and tabla. His interest in music started broadly after he moved to the US at the age of 14.  As he grew up, he graduated to composing songs and eventually began writing too.

His fascination for music wasn’t a surprise as he had been going to gurdwara since childhood. As a kid, he participated in kirtan and paath which fired his curiosity towards musical instruments. He started taking part in the kirtan at local gurdwara while he was in India and later in a gurdwara in the US. Then the time wasn’t far till he realized that he sure had a voice to justify his own composed lyrics as well and later on pursued vocal training.

Jaggy comes from a very humble family background. Moreover, his family members are not linked to music in any way. But they always supported Jaggy to follow his passion. His inspiration in the field of music is sheer class such as Gurdas Mann, Manmohan Waris, Harbhajan Mann, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saab, and RD Burman.

His first song ‘Exotic’ released in 2016 wasn’t very popular. But he did not give up. Now, his recent song “Muchh Tak Di” released by T-series has crossed more than 200k+ views on YouTube in less than 10 days. His previous release “HiFi Gabru” got 1 million+ views. The audience has appreciated both these songs. He’s also working on his debut album collaborating with big names of Bollywood and of the Punjabi music industry.



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