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Indian Television Stars celebrate Womenhood

Indian Television Stars celebrate Womenhood

Women’s Day: Women should be respected, cherished: TV actors

On occasion of International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the gender balanced world. Its a day to recognize the achievements and accomplishments of women,  regardless of ethnicity, nationality, political, cultural or economic conditions. We are going through a phase where the thought process of patriarchal society is transforming and evolving. Men and women are complementing each other when it comes to shouldering responsibilities and hailing efforts in walks of life rather than looking down each other.  We spoke to successful male TV actors on their views about the role of women in their life and how they plan to commemorate this day. 

Rohitashv Gour

Role of women is very important in every man’s life, even in holy Shivpuran, it’s clearly said that a man’s life is incomplete without a woman. Women are gifted with a very strong sixth sense and power to create and nurture. I truly appreciate women when it comes to making decisions, I always consider and value opinions my wife shares with me, I have also experienced that many times whenever I have not listened to my wife and gone against wishes advice of my wife something wrong only happened.  

I mother has played the most important role in my upbringing as she has enriched my values and beliefs and greatly responsible for my success. She remains an inspiration for me as during the time of not so successful days too. She remained strong headed and gave us the best of education and values. I salute womanhood and I wish a very Happy International Woman’s Day to every woman.

 Harveer Singh

Women’s role in making the life of a man successful can’t be denied, I myself play the role of a women in the TV show ;’Jijaji Chhat Par Hain’. I firmly believe that a wife is a true friend of a man and she always supports him irrespective of his stature and phase. She is like a friend to her husband who in time of any kind of trouble or crisis can discuss his problems and find solution  A man can feel better by sharing out his thoughts with his wife anytime . In my life role of my mother will always remain most important as she is the one who has raised me and always taught me to love life , live in the moment and most importantly respect women. 

Vishwajeet Soni

A woman really plays an important part in man’s life. I truely love my wife and feel that her role is very significant in my life, She has supported me through thick and thin and her contribution has led to my success, today I owe my success to her, she has had a major impact on my life, she remains my lifeline and source of inspiration. 

Deepesh Bhan

I believe we should respect women as they have a very important role to play in our lives. A woman has multiple roles to play and As a mother, she nurtures you, as a wife, she supports you unconditionally in all phases of life and motivates you to move forward. The bonding of a sister and brother is also different and the relationship is all about giving protection to each other and being a strength.  

Nikhil Khurana

Women play a very important role in our life. I think they are very sensitive and emotionally very strong. Be it your mother, sister, all women in your life are important as everyone has played a different role to make you who you are today. I don’t think that without a woman, a man’s existence is balanced. They are needed to balance the realm of life

Vaibhav Mathur

A mother plays the most important part in any human being’s life. She is the woman who has brought you to life  and nurtures you to be a good human. You can’t repay her debt for what she has done for you. There was a time when I was dependent on my mom but today she is dependent on me, and there is no better feeling than taking care of her. I would like to wish all the women a happy International Woman’s Day.

Divya Khanna

Divya Khanna is the youngest member of the team, with a background in political science. She has joined High on persona print magazine in order to gain hands-on experience in various aspects of editorial coordination as associate editor of the magazine and news site. She has a penchant for writing and enjoys meeting new people and interviewing celebrities. She has a passion for writing, she has an eye for details, loves traveling and a quick learner.

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