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Fitness and Food Fascinations with Helly Shah | High On Persona Exclusive

Travel and Food Fascinations with Helly Shah | High On Persona Exclusive
Helly Shah, who began her career with Star Plus’ show ‘GULAAL’ and went to portray various fictional characters like Swara and Alaxmi. The glorious and budding actress won Television Academy Award for the best actress popular for her role as Devanshi.
This young age diva is a fitness freak like many of her generation and begins her day with yoga. She also made her Debut on a reality show with Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 9 using her fitness and core strength, she was able to secure a respectable position in the show.
This diva is currently working as Sufiana Shah/Kayanat Shah in Sufiana Pyaar Mera.
Her brilliance with her roles is exceptional and her growth has been tremendous just like her fitness idol, Malaika Arora.
High On Persona spoke to Helly Shah, about her fitness, food and travel fascinations in a direct and exclusive chat. Read the whole interview below.

Q. Have you always been fit or was there any moment/incident when you have realized that you need to be fit in life?

Helly Shah: I was into junk food, I used to prefer sev bhujia, soya sticks or anything oily in dinner. And obviously it is not healthy and that’s when I realized and stopped eating it.

Q. Any specific fitness routine which you follow please share.

Helly Shah: Right now, I am shooting so I try to go to the gym as many days as I can. Because everyday I don’t get time so whenever I get time I go and workout

Q. What you prefer most yoga or gym or anything else please share. How many hours do you devote to your fitness in a day?

Helly Shah: I love yoga, but I want someone to get it done from me. Same is with the gym I need my trainer with me all the time. Yoga I do and I am very flexible I love it but I don’t do it regularly. But gym I go regularly whenever I get time.

Q. Please share your diet plan from breakfast to dinner. Anything specific which you follow in your diet.

Helly Shah: So, my breakfast is a 200ml cup of milk and khakhra. And I have a mid-morning meal which includes buttermilk and fruit with some nuts. My lunch includes salad, sabzi, and roti. Either paneer or yogurt. and my dinner is usually the same but these days I am having pulses with rice, and that’s it for dinner. And in between, I eat roasted peas or apart from that, I am also allowed to have vegetable soup.

Q. To become a fit actor what are the things an actor should sacrifice? What are the things you have sacrificed?

Helly Shah: In order to gain something you need to lose something but it was for my own betterment. But yes, whatever I did was for my own betterment only. But I have stopped eating junk food because I love it and I can eat it every day. But when I realized that physical exercise and fitness is important I started doing it. Apart from that, I haven’t sacrificed anything. But yes I count what I eat so that is something that I have to take care of.

Q. What is your mantra to maintain fitness?

Helly Shah: I eat well, and exercise.

Q. What is the best compliment you have got for your fitness please share?

Helly Shah: Somebody had told me that my core strength is very good.

Q. According to you in good looks how important is fitness? 

Helly Shah: Fitness is very important because I personally noticed that my body has become really good after I started exercising. So fitness is very which ways is very important, and I feel everyone should be fit.

Q. Who is your fitness idol?

Helly Shah: I really look up to, Malaika Arora because I see her videos and pictures that she posts. And according to me she is really fit.

Vijay Narula

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