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Audience enthralled by the great music performances at Day 1 of Dilli Durbar 2019

Audience enthralled by the great music performances at Day 1 of Dilli Durbar 2019

Day 1 of the Inaugural edition of Dilli Durbar organized by Dilli Gharana at the IGNCA (Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts), Janpath, New Delhi saw some very scintillating and enthralling musical performances. Dilli Durbar 2019 is the biggest celebration of Indian Classical Music in India (basis the stature and varied congregation of the Musical exponents participating) with an aim towards the renaissance of Indian Classical Arts in the country.

The Festival, which has the most scintillating line up of Indian Classical Music maestros is being organized by Dilli Gharana in collaboration with Sursagar Society, Ameer Khusro Institute of Music and DG Productions. It turned out to be the most melodious musical extravaganza ever in the city, bringing together the greatest exponents of Indian Classical Arts on one platform to present a grand Indian Classical Cultural spectacle, one like never experienced before.

The Event seemed it will play a yeoman service towards connecting the youth with India’s great age-old traditional Classical Art forms and culture. Dilli Durbar’s aim is to revive the Indian Classical music and today witnessed the participation of renowned Indian Classical Maestros including Pandit Birju Maharaj, Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan, Ustad Shahid Parvez, Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar, Ustad Asghar Hussain; famous Hindi Film Industry personality Kailash Kher; and the younger torchbearers of Classical Music traditions like Dhruv Sangari, Roohani Sisters, Vusat Iqbal Khan, Syed Sahil Agha, Imran Khan, and many more.

Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan, the Founder of Dilli Durbar 2019 and the Doyen (or Khalifa) of Dilli Gharana says, “I had the great privilege to learn music under the tutelage of great maestros of Indian Classical Arts; they not only taught us the art but also imbibed in us the great culture and traditions of India. I being the flag-bearer of Dilli Gharana feel that it is my responsibility that I now pass on my learnings to the younger generation to refine their sensibilities and to cultivate their taste for these finer things in life.”

Dilli Durbar 2019 was inaugurated today, 16th March 2019 by Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan, Doyen of Dilli Gharana (and Founder of Dilli Durbar); Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar, Dhrupad Maestro;  along with Tourism Secretary, Delhi Government, Smt. Manisha Saxena; Additional Director General, Union Ministry of Tourism, Smt. Meenakshi Sharma; Smt. Radha S Chauhan; Joint Secretary (Union Ministry of Health) Smt. Bharti Sharma Das; Sidharth Luthra, Senior Supreme Court Lawyer; and Ayesha Mishra, Senior Supreme Court Advocate & Arbitration Specialist.

This was followed by a Panel Discussion moderated by Smt Suanshu Khurana, senior journalist “A Homeless Art form’ with Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar, Smt Meenakshi Sharma (IA&AS), Ms. Abhinandita Mathur (Advisor to Delhi Government); a discussion of Bollywood Music Personality Kailash Kher with Babu Haabi; a session on “The Age Old Guru Shishya Parampara” – with Pt Birju Maharaj, Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan which was moderated by Dr Vidushi Krishna Bisht; Hindustani Classical Music Vocal Performance by Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan; and lastly Sitar Recital by Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan.

While these performances were being staged parallel venues saw performances by Roohani Sisters – a Sufi Jugalbandi and a unique amalgamation of Ghazal & Daastangoi by Syed Sahil Agha and Janab Imran Khan. If that was not all Dilli Gharana feels that music should not be limited to any boundary – the musicians should be free to explore other formats apart from pure classical. Dilli Durbar 2019 hence featured today A R Divine and Sufi Rock by Rocknama – both bands of different differing styles and would also see tomorrow a performance by Fusion Band by Gharana which are usually patronized by the youth but are still true to their music basics.

Apart from this Dilli Durbar 2019 also featured Dilli 6 Food Festival (curated by Purani Dilli Walon ki Batein), Films & Documentaries screenings; Exhibition of Musical Instruments as well a Culture Bazaar showcasing merchandise which brings a piece of culture back to one’s home. Tomorrow it will also have an Open Mic Session for young and upcoming performers to showcase their talent.

Vusat Iqbal Khan, Co-Founder of Dilli Durbar 2019 and Managing Director of DG Productions (one of the collaborators of Dilli Durbar 2019) says, “The idea of Dilli Durbar originated from the fact that many youngsters in the country today are being fed a deadly cocktail of cacophony in the name of Music which is as far removed from true Music as chalk is from cheese. It does not adhere to the basic tenets of music – whether Indian, Western nor any other. Hence, we wanted to reintroduce the young people of India once again with true Indian Music. We hope we will be able to at least make a small change with this initiative of ours.”

Barkha Arora

She has been there and done that. After graduating from Delhi University she completed her diploma in Journalism from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Delhi. Down the line, she completed her internship with National Herald and Akshar Bharat, multilingual newspapers successfully and went on to Join Mainline Business daily, Business Standard newspaper. She has also dabbled in image management and brand consultancy. Apart from being a prolific writer on lifestyle entertainment, lifestyle, travel and politics remain her forte.

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