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Bollywood Actress Manisha Koirala graced 3rd Brahmaputra Literary Festival In Assam

Bollywood Actress Manisha Koirala graced 3rd Brahmaputra Literary Festival In Assam
The three-day long literary extravaganza , Brahmaputra Literary Festival was organised by Assam Government and Pramod Kalita, Secretory Publication Board of Assam. The event happened from February 9 till February 11, 2019. There were many panel discussions. Author Sangeeta Bhadur, Kaal Triology also became the part of the 3 day event.
To grace the occasion, famous Actress Manisha Koirala known for films like Khamoshi, Dil Se, Mann and many more was present for the 3rd edition of Brahmaputra Literary Festival which is happening in Guwahati, Assam. Manisha koirala has been most successful name in Bollywood Industry and to her  credit go many prestigious awards and movies that were critically accclaimed. She was last seen in very successful movie SANJU, she essayed the character of late Nargis Dutt, mother of Sanjay Dutt. Her acting credentials were apreciated and widely acknowledged in the movie. In the movie she was shown to be battling with cancer and in real like too Manisha has bravely fought the liller disease. 
Occasion marked presentation of esteemed honour to Manisha Koirala. She shared her own story of surviving cancer that left everyone inspired and impressed. 
Manisha added,” I’m really thankful to the government for giving me an opportunity to come here and share my story and honoring me here at the festival”. The actress spoke in depth about how her life changed when she was diagnosed with cancer and how she mustered courage to battle the same. 
Manisha looked as resplendant and charming and added that she is ready for new projects and wants to do good work.. 
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