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Hearty Talks With The Team Of AHA In The Press Conference Of ‘Ashi Hi Aashiqui’

Hearty Talks With The Team Of AHA In The Press Conference Of 'Ashi Hi Aashiqui' Sachin Pilgaonkar

With the direction of Sachin Pilgaonkar, a brand new pair of Abhinay Berde-Hemal Ingle and the romantic story of Aashiqui; the film ‘Ashi Hi Aashiqui’ is releasing on 1st March.

This film, a presentation of Gulshan Kumar, is produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar of the T-Series. This film is also produced by Moving Pictures and Sushriya Chitra with Vajir Singh, Joe Rajan, and Supriya Pilgaonkar also as producers. Recently the press conference of this film was called in Pune, with the presence of Sachin Pilgaonkar, Abhinay Berde, and Hemal Ingle. With the occasion of this press conference, there was a hearty talk between the journalists and the three actors.

While speaking about ‘Ashi Hi Aashiqui’, Sachin Pilgaonkar had said that “I would like to tell you that I have made 21 films, but I have never made a pure love story. But now, I have made a musical love story, which will be brought to you shortly. I’m an entertainer, hence this film will definitely have entertainment.”

While answering the questions of the journalists about the new pair Abhinay Berde and Hemal Ingle, Sachinji revealed that “After deciding the title of the film, that first name that came to my mind was of Abhinay Berde. I felt that I have to make this film with Abhinay. But first I had to ask him. So after my offer, as usual, he gave me a smile, confusing me whether is he saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Abhinay gave his acceptance for the film and then the writing of the film started. The next question in front of all of us was, ‘who will be the heroine in of the film’. Abhinay went through and suggested me the names of some girls… But it is said that the destiny cannot be avoided. And one evening, around 4:30PM, a girl came across me and Abhinay, who I had rejected initially after seeing her photos. That girl was Hemal Ingle. After seeing Hemal, I was in doubt that is this the same girl whose pictures I have seen, because Hemal was looking very different in real life. After seeing her, we felt that only she can play the character of Amarja. And this is how the pair of Abhinay and Hemal came to be in the film.”

This film is introducing the audience with the new face that is Hemal Ingle. While conversing with the reporters, Kolhapur native Hemal shared her story saying, “I originally hail from Kolhapur. I was in Kolhapur till my 12th. I was enjoying my studies very much. I wished to clear C.S., so I shifted to Pune. I did B.A. in Economics from Ferguson College, and while doing that I realized that I have a lot of spare time, so I joined the classes for C.S. I realised that I still have some time left, so I decided to participate in the beauty contest. After winning several titles in that, I felt the need to do something new. When I thought about films then I felt that going to Mumbai is essential to enter the film industry. Then I shifted to Mumbai and as I got the opportunity to work in Sachin sir’s film, I feel from my heart that I have found a way.”

While speaking about the character Swayam and the film, Abhinay said that, “Sachin sir wrote the character of Swayam with me in the mind. Swayam is a sweet, boy next door and his nature is simple. He is relatable to the common man, common boy. His appearance and his body language are real. I had a great fun doing this film, and you also will have it while watching this film.”

Satish Kumar

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