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Why Ansh Bagri agreed to be a part of Dil to Happy Hai Ji?

Ansh Bagri is a doing a role in Dil to Happy hai ji opposit Jasmin Bhasin - High On Persona Magazine

Ansh Bagri, who plays the lead in Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji, is thrilled to be part of such a grand show. The actor claims that he completely relates to his character. “I am playing Rocky in Dil Toh Happy Hain Ji. He is a spoilt brat who loves his brother a lot and has issues with his father. He thinks his father doesn’t understand him, something which every teenager thinks. He is also very irritated with Happy, played by Jasmin Bhasin. He feels she interferes in his life a bit too much. He has a different chemistry with his father, with the protagonist, Happy, his (Rocky’s) friends and his brother. The character of Rocky has different layers. He behaves differently with different people. I am really excited about playing this character and I’m getting a lot of appreciation for this role,” he said.

Talking about how he prepared for his character, he says, “I look angry but charming. The idea was Rocky has to be flamboyant and I’m really pleased that he is coming out that way in front of the audiences as well, the way our creatives, directors, and producers thought it would be. The thought was that there should be anger as well as flamboyance. People are liking Rocky which is very good.

“I love Bollywood films and am a big fan of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. I have got a lot of inspiration from him. The creatives of the show also helped me a lot. Apart from that, the traffic in Mumbai helps me get into my character because, by the time I reach the set, I get so irritated with the traffic that I really don’t have to act peeved,” he says.

Ansh was born and brought up in Delhi. He comes from a lower middle-class family and has been through quite a bit of struggle. His perseverance and dedication helped him to achieve his goal of becoming an actor. There was a time after his father expired that his family did not even have enough to eat. Through sheer hard work and sincere efforts, he managed to pull his family out of that grim phase.
Ansh has featured in almost 100 ads from the time he started his journey into showbiz. Apart from his biggest achievement, the feature film, Days of Tafree, he has also participated in the TV reality show, India’s Next Superstar.

The actor has already been in Mumbai for a decade now and says that his journey has taught him a lot. “It’s been 10 years and the experience has been amazing. I have done everything which an actor should do, from television commercials to feature films and television shows. I never wanted to do a television daily soap because you are always offered typical characters and I didn’t want to get typecast. But this character and the producers of the show are so passionate which were the biggest reasons that I opted for this show. I always wanted to do films. I am very fortunate that I got an opportunity to work with Gul Khan Ma’am and Nilanjana Ma’am,” he added.


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