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Smoking, alcohol greater issues than dietary indulgence for Oral cancer: Dr. Srishti Arora at Nutrivarcity Oral Cancer Awareness Programme


Cancer has been a scourge of the human race for ages. Even a couple of decades ago the disease was considered absolutely incurable but over time medical research has diminished the fear factor attached to it. Cancer attacks various parts of the human anatomy including the liver, pancreas, lungs, blood, etc. Despite the fact there are scores of cancer survivors in the country today the awareness level is still dismal. Widespread illiteracy, wrong sources of information like Bollywood films and TV soap operas and lack of advocacy are the primary reasons for the existing ignorance.
In an effort to combat the low level of awareness, the Nutrivarcity Oral Cancer Awareness Programme was conducted successfully in New Delhi by dietician Srishti Arora, managing director, Nutrivarcity.
Speaking on the occasion, Ms Arora said epidemiologic evidence on the association between nutrition and oral cancer has been reviewed recently. Ecologic and case-control studies provided most of the evidence regarding the nutritional epidemiology of oral cancer.
The ecological evidence states that considerable geographic variation in the incidence of oral cancer is consistent with variation in nutrition. As incipient oral cancer is likely to affect the diets of the
patients, even before diagnosis, case-control studies are limited in their ability to extract comparable data from subjects regarding their pre-illness diets.
The case-control evidence states that a diet emphasising on fruit and vegetable intake may protect against oral cancer. However, this case-control evidence is not consistent; individual food that
appears protective in some studies does not appear so in others, and the effects of diet appear to be modest when compared to those of smoking and alcohol consumption.
The nutritional epidemiology of oral cancer is marked by two risk factors that appear far more powerful than nutrition: tobacco use and alcohol consumption. Oral hygiene may also confound the association of nutrition and oral cancer risk; it is likely to be associated with dietary practice as it has been shown to be related to oral cancer risk.
Thus, studies of nutrition in the epidemiology of oral cancer also must address the effects of tobacco and alcohol consumption and oral hygiene. As it has been proved in multiple researches that tobacco and alcohol consumption are far more prone to lead to oral cancer.

Smoking, alcohol greater issues than dietary indulgence for Oral cancer: Dr. Srishti Arora at Nutrivarcity Oral Cancer Awareness Programme

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