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Skincare Tips to get Spring-Summer Ready

Skincare Tips to get Spring-Summer Ready

A lot of people spend their summers by the beachside or prefer being indoors to avoid the scorching sun. The chlorine water and the blazing UV rays from the sun can have a lasting impact on your skin, and you won’t even realize this. You might be excited to enjoy the flowers and sunshine after the cold winds and chills have gone away, but don’t forget to take some precautions once you come out of your winter jackets.

  • Use light moisturizing lotions for the spring and summer season, in winters you need heavier ones. These will provide enough moisture for the skin.
  • Using antioxidants is vital, to prevent your skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays. Apply this in the morning after cleansing your face, and underneath a sunscreen.
  • Using sunscreen is more important than you can imagine. At least an SPF 30 – 50 must be used. In Winters we use a lower one, but in the spring and summer season, you need to go a tad bit higher. Also, it does not mean that you need to apply it only once in a day. Keep re-applying it as and when you remember to use it throughout the day.
  • Use a higher acidic cleanser as the summers get harsh. It will help keep your skin clean and sweat free throughout the day.
  • Using face mists and wipes are a good idea as it helps cleanse the face and fight bacteria.
  • Avoid using any skincare products with rough pieces like shells, nuts, and microbeads and instead look for products with salts and sugars or enzymatic scrubs with fruit acids, such as papaya, pumpkin or pineapple. These will be more gentle on the skin, especially when it’s more frequently exposed to the stronger sun.
  • Wear cotton clothes in the summers, and avoid wearing clothing material which sticks to your skin/body.
  • Use UV resistant sunglasses and hats. A broad-brimmed hat provides excellent sun protection for the skin-cancer prone areas such as the face, neck, scalp, and ears. Look for a tightly woven hat that has a two-inch brim at least to provide the best protection.
  • Drink lots of water, have a good healthy diet which is not too spicy (this can generate pimples) and sleep well to avoid your worst nightmare – Dark Circles.

By Dr. Sruthi Gondi, Dermatologist and Founder and MD, Science of Skin Clinic, Hyderabad.

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