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Silhouette, vivid facets & characteristics being unfolded as ink of experiences is poured through the medium of words to define PERSONA be it of a personality or a brand. HIGH ON PERSONA, Lifestyle Magazine will embark you to the journey of their Views and perceptions, dreams and desires, aims and aspirations, achievements and accolades and goals or glory.  

Anecdote of the magazine doesn’t end here, it will take you to the finest crevices of any character be it living or non-living.  Its an earnest attempt of HOP to take you to the odyssey of a world beyond façade, beyond perceptions in a form of interactions, interviews, current affairs, events, reviews & views.   


HIGH ON PERSONA is a LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE, showcasing the most compelling people of our time and highlight POWER OF their PERSONA and how they have influenced society at large.  The magazine will acknowledge extraordinary people (celebrities from all walks of life) and extraordinary stories they have to share. (People who have excelled under extraordinary circumstances).  


ONLINE & PRINT EDITION of HOP will take a peek into the lifestyle of personalities and achievers while casting a keen eye right from their special moments and appearances etc. In this quest, we will feature celebrities and people from different walks of life viz corporate, Politics, hospitality, fashion, health & wellness, Sports, Social and Cultural fields etc, that stand as an inspiration for readers.

The magazine is a fabulous mix of the current happenings, Travel, Destinations, Food, hospitality, fashion, health, wellness, politics, relationship, and other lifestyle stories. From classic to contemporary, casual to glamorous, HOP offers a complete coverage as captured on camera during public appearances and draws up a list of the ones who made all the right moves.   


FASHION: Enter the world of fashion, style, glamour & luxury with HOP. Magazine promises a peek into cutting-edge fashion to head-turning styles.  Insight into the celebrity style roller-coaster clearly will make magazine Collector’s Edition/ Health & Wellness: Fitness mantras from gurus. Grooming & Makeovers / Beauty & Grooming secrets to be shared by veterans of the field. / BOLLYWOOD, HOLLYWOOD & LOLLYWOOD: Magazine will capture all. Filmy Gupshup  and movie reviews / Travel & Hospitality: Holidaying, Short/weekend getaways/ places for long vacations/ heritage hotels,  luxury hotels,  most innovatively done hotels, restaurant and lounges from India & abroad, reviews to be featured prominently./ Politics: Interviews & current happenings./ Lifestyle Coaching: With relationship & lifestyle Gurus/Brand Stand: New launches, brands & accessories that are chic and stylish catering to those who believe in living off smartly and stylishly / Gadgets & Gizmos: that help you go modernize with the latest technology.   


With unmatched editorial content, trendsetting photography, innovative design, unbeatable paper, and printing quality- it is a one-of-a-kind magazine tent.

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