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Shah and Maat , Amit Shah’s way


By Barkha Arora

Everybody knows that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s juggernaut is systematically powered by BJP President AMIT SHAH, Senior BJP Leader has been a tactical phenomena for the party’s exceptional performance in the elections post 2014, Mr Shah has tasted unprecedented success in garnering positive poll results across the country, one can safely say that it is to Shah’s credit that today BJP rules 19 states along with the center which has bettered all time congress records. Amit Shah was office holder of Chess Association and took his tentative steps from there into state and national politics, his political acumen and strategic thinking drove him to the forefront of the BJP’s success story that propelled him into national politics and after Modi’s contesting for PM post. He showed his potential of being master strategist in politics, that was landmark and development in his career.

Because of his perceiving prowess he hasjudged pulse of electorate so well and won elections after elections, there is no surprise that he has come to be known as Chanakya of contemporary Indian politics because of his measured moves, tactical alliances and his superb judgement of leadership. Amit Shah may appear a thundering success today but the genesis of his journey was not very smooth one as he faced his quota of challenges especially from within his own party, and old guards, external forces were always there but there were internal challenges from the old guard of party he had to overcome this all one, however he managed to quell adversaries. He was able to prevail upon those internal challenges primarily because of his exceptional equation with PM Modi. It is evident from the way he functions as he enjoys the unstinted support of the RSS and Modi. The alliance forged between the two leaders was actually bloomed during Gujrat unrest wherein during that time Shah stood like a pillar behind Modi and today whole country can see the fruition of that alliance. Shah’s credibility as political strategist is at the zenith at this point in time . After thumping success in 2014 parliament elections Shah shifted his focus to the states of which UP was the most important, the UP elections turned out to be the corner stone of BJP’ s electoral politics, Amit Shah managed to create fishers in Samajvadi Party , thereby debilitating the opposition, the poll victory In UP and forming the Government in Manipur, Goa and Arunachal only whetted his appetite for greater success. Gujrat was big challenge because of anti incumbency issue, urban rural divide became very prominent in Gujarat , recent challenge for Mr Shah was try to dislodge Sidaramaya and take over reigns of governance in Karnataka, which was difficult but not insurmountable as BJP garnered good number of votes, winning Karnataka was perfect gateway to South where BJP so far hasn’t been a major power but manouvering by Congress and JDU had other plans set. For Mr Shah challange was not only to defeat congress but also to outwit the regional outfits, as we all know the South India is all about the regional politics. After karnataka the biggest challenge will be 2019 parliamentary elections which not only Amit Shah but entire country is eagerly waiting for to see whether the Modi Juggernaut continues to win , people are eager to see whether Shah can beat the anti incumbency factor and get across to the masses, the benefits of the BJP Policies which have been quite unprecedented in fact 2019 polls will be the litmus test of Mr Shah’s wily manoeuvres.

2019 polls will be the first polls when Rahul Gandhi would fight as President of Congress, first parliamentary polls under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership which Mr Shahwill be dealing with. One thing which we should mention out here is that despite the BJP being internet savvy Mr Shah has not really played a major role in that, despite formulating strategy he has not tried to hog the limelight. this is going to be one of the major points of discussions. However having said all this and in the view of the setback in Rajasthan one shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that he is loosing his Midas touch on India’s electoral politics , Rajasthan was more of a reflection of Vasundharaje’s Chief Minister ship than his leadership, Shah’s footprints were really not visible in the run up to the Rajasthan’s by polls. And before we form an opinion regarding his strong grip of electoral politics we ought to wait for Karnataka and North Eastern states where elections are eminent. Amit shah’s first address at the parliament as being well accepted by his fellow party men and renewed their faith in his leadership.Primarily to win in 2019 Shah has to figure out a way to counter the opposition’s claims against demonetization, GST and slowdown in economic progress.

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